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Mighty Line Floor Tape Test

The benefits of Mighty Line floor tape. This was just a test of our tape versus a major competitor. Mighty Line floor tape has beveled edges can handle the every day tough industrial use.  View more of our products at www.MightyLineTape.com mighty-line-floor-tape-2015-catalog-3-638

New Mighty Line Floor Signs Video

Mighty Line Floor Signs New and Improved The new extremely durable floor signs. Use our Mighty Floor Signs today. Mighty Line Floor Signs are great for Industrial traffic, safety markings, and other 5s areas. These floor signs can handle the rough daily industrial environment. Mighty Line floor signs are great for high traffic areas [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ohN9UQ6pk0] https://mightylinetape.com/blogs/5s-floor-marking-tape/114356422-mighty-line-floor-signs

Mighty Line Floor Tape

Mighty Line 5s Floor Marking Blog http://mightylinetape.com/blogs/5s-floor-marking-tape The patented Mighty Line solid color floor tapes are great for marking certain areas in your warehouse. Use our Mighty Line safety floor tape for marking certain hazards, safety precautions, aisle ways and other areas. Mighty Line floor tapes are great for industrial warehouses and facilities, hospitals, oil and gas facilities, and other floor marking areas. The patented Mighty Line floor tape has a peel and stick adhesive and removes cleanly upon removal. http://mightylinetape.com/blogs/5s-floor-marking-tape/84164742-mighty-line-floor-tape  

Mighty Line Floor Signs

Add your own text, graphics and/or company logo to our floor signs and floor tape. Choose from pre-determined shapes such as circle, triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, or octagon. Choose your shape, size and color, then choose a laminate and adhesive and a quantity. Our custom floor sign and floor tape products are printed with the highest possible quality equipment. Keeping this in mind, we ask you to please use the highest quality logo file when using the software. Only JPEG and PNG files will work with the customizer software, and the image resolution should be at least 300dpi. www.mightylinetape.com/pages/customize-it http://mightylinetape.com/blogs/5s-floor-marking-tape/82366982-mighty-line-5s-safety-floor-signs

A Guide to 5S Tape Colors for Lean Manufacturing

A Guide to 5S Tape Colors for Lean Manufacturing


At Mighty Line Tape, we recognize that workplaces with clear and logical communication tend to operate more safely and efficiently. This is why we offer a variety of 5S tape colors and safety products that will decrease injuries and increase the overall productivity of your facility.


Our Guide to a Safe and Efficient Workplace

Wondering how to go about transforming your workplace into one that is both efficient and safe? Start by considering the following:
  • What items do you need most often, and which are unnecessary?
  • Which items should be closer to each other?
  • Which should be closer to the shipping area?
  • Where should trash cans be located? 
  • Where are the most likely collision points?
  • Which passageways tend to get blocked?
  • What are the safety hazards?

Document your answers and create a plan for your workplace. To ensure workplace organization for years to come, conduct an annual review of your plan, and revise as needed. 


The Basic 5S Steps


5S is an organization method that when properly implemented and followed can greatly improve the productivity and safety of a workplace. 5S stands for:

  • Sort – Sort through all the items in a location and leave only what is necessary.
  • Set in Order – Use 5S floor tape colors and floor markers to show workflow patterns, delineate work areas, and mark proper placement of tools, inventories, and machinery.
  • Shine – Make your workplace shine and keep employee morale high with regular cleaning. 
  • Standardize – Make a routine for your workers. Ensure that they always know what they’re supposed to do, how best to do it, and when to do it. 5S tape colors, floor signs, and placement markers can play a big role in helping standardize a workplace.
  • Sustain – Ensure that these practices are not just rules and that instead they are an integral piece of company culture.

5S Tape Colors

A key aspect of any 5S workplace is colored floor marking tape. At Mighty Line Tape, we offer 5S floor tape in a variety of colors and sizes to ensure optimal workplace organization. Our line of colored floor marking tape is made of heavy-duty materials and is equipped to handle industrial scrubbers, forklifts, truck traffic, and much more.
The 5S floor marking colors we offer, and their recommended applications are as follows:
  • Yellow – Yellow indicates safe paths for walking in a facility and is one of the most commonly used 5S tape colors.
  • Red – To designate dangerous areas and emergency exits, red floor marking tape is used.
  • Black – In 5S workplaces, black tape is used to mark finished goods areas.
  • Blue – Blue floor marking tape is used in facilities to signify zones that contain works in progress or equipment that is under repair.
  • Orange – Orange tape is used to denote products or materials that are held for inspection. 
  • Green – In a 5S workplace, green tape marks safety-related areas such as eyewash stations and safety showers.
  • White – White tape is typically used to mark off production equipment such as machines, carts, and incoming racks in a 5S facility.

These recommendations for 5S tape colors are based on industry common practice and comply with OSHA guidelines.


Additional 5S Products We Offer


In addition to 5S floor tape colors, we offer a variety of other products designed to keep your facility safe and organized. The 5S safety products we provide include:


Our safety products are commonly used in warehouses, oil and gas facilities, healthcare and hospitality environments, and a variety of other workplaces.


How to Apply 5S Floor Tape Colors and Mighty Line Safety Products

5S floor marking colors and safety products from Mighty Line Tape are quick and easy to install in your workplace. Just follow these steps:
    1. Ensure the installation area is clean and dry, and that the temperature of the floor is above 50ºF.
    2. Adhere an edge of floor tape or sign to the floor and remove the adhesive backing as you go.
    3. Walk over the applied tape or sign to ensure a quality, long-lasting bond.
    4. Clean the tape or sign regularly to ensure maximum visibility.

Contact Us for 5S Floor Marking Colors and Other Safety Products


Ready to improve the safety, efficiency, and profitability of your workplace? At Mighty Line Tape, we carry all the products you need to implement the 5S method at your facility. Contact us today for 5S floor tape colors or any other safety products you need.

5s Floor Marking Tape Catalog

5s Floor Marking Tape Catalog


5s Safety Floor Marking Catalog or you can view the mobile friendly version here Floor Tape Catalog Online Version

Mighty Line Floor Tape 2015 Catalog

  1. 19147 Eastlook Rd Rocky River, Ohio 44116 www.mightylinetape.com Phone: (800) 714-9980 Fax: (440) 220-4381 Email: info@mightylinetape.com ShieldMarkThe Mighty Line Durable Stripe Inc. ®
  2. 2. 2 Mighty Line® patented floor tape is the most durable floor tape available. Spend more time on value added actions–producing, receiving, and shipping materials– and less time on non-value added activities such as painting floor lines. Mighty Line floor tape is available in many colors and patterns in four different widths. MIGHTY LINE ® FLOOR TAPE PRODUCTS Mighty Line Floor Tape Make Your Job Easier with a Mighty Line Applicator!
  3. 3. Benefits of Mighty Line! • Separating pedestrian traffic from motorized vehicles. • Illuminating walkways during power failures. • 5S lean manufacturing improvements. • Color code different areas with specific color tapes. • Easy to install and lasts! • 3 year limited warranty. Painting Disadvantages Mighty Line Advantages Competitor’s Tape Mighty Line Tape Whose Tape is Tougher? Mighty Line vs. Painting Mighty Line Patented Floor Tape Mighty Line patented floor tape is available in many colors, widths, and styles. Patent No. US 8,088,480. Mighty Line tape and a major competitor’s tape side by side in an aggressive test area frequently traveled by forklifts carrying heavy loads. Notice the major gouges and flaws in our competitor’s tape. ® 3 MIGHTY LINE ® FLOOR TAPE PRODUCTS
  4. 4. Mighty Glow Safely Lights the Way! Mighty Glow® a unique floor tape developed for emergency purposes. Mighty Glow’s 1/2” luminescent center line highlights exit paths during power outages. Available in 2” and 4” Yellow and Red floor tape. 4 Mighty Glow with Lights On Mighty Glow with LIGHTS OFF MIGHTY LINE ® LUMINESCENT PRODUCTS
  5. 5. NEW Mighty Line Label Protectors! Apply the Mighty Line Label Protector over label 5 Apply your location label on the floor Mighty Line’s New Durable Label Protectors Mighty Line clear Label Protectors are used to prolong the life of your floor location labels. MIGHTY LINE ® PROTECTION PRODUCTS
  6. 6. Mighty Line Angles and T’s Mighty Line Angles and T’s aid in 5S practices and are used for the proper placement of inventory, equipment and vehicles. 6 Mighty Line 2” Angles Mighty Line 2” T’s Mighty Line 3” Angles Mighty Line 3” T’s MIGHTY LINE ® 5S floor markings Mighty Line Angles Colors and Styles Mighty Line T’s Colors and Styles
  7. 7. Mighty Line Footprints, Dots, Arrows 7 Yellow Orange Red White Blue Green Black Brown Gray Purple Yellow w/ White w/ White w/ Black Black Red Chevrons Chevrons ChevronsAvailable Mighty Line Floor Tape Colors and Styles. Use Mighty Line Footprints to identify walkways and exits. Use Mighty Line BIG Footprints for walkway identification. Use Mighty Line DOTS where skids are pushed, and for turns. Use Mighty Line ARROWS to indicate direction. Mighty Line Footprints Mighty Line BIG Footprints Mighty Line Dots Mighty Line Arrows Each “Foot” is 8” Long Also Available with Luminescent Center Line Available in 1”, 2.7”, 3.5”, 3.75” and 5.7” diameters Each “Foot” Now 12” Long MIGHTY LINE ® 5S floor markings
  8. 8. Mighty Line Floor Signs Mighty Line Safety Signs reinforce safe activities throughout your facility. Mighty Line floor signs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Below are some or our popular sign samples. Your Message Here Your Message Here Repeating Message Tapes Available in 3” X 100 ft rolls and 4” X 100 ft rolls 24” X 36,” 36” X 42” 36” X 42”16” X 16”, 18” X 18”, 24” X 24” 36” X 36”, 48” X 48”, 54” X 54” 24” X 36” 16” X 16” 24” X 24” 24” X 24” 16” Diameter 36” X 36” We Make Custom Signs! 8 CAUTION MOVING EQUIPMENT TRASHCA NT RASHCAN CAUTIONDoo rSwingArea StopWATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS KEEP CLEAR DO NOT BLOCK 16” X 16”, 24” X 24” 36” X 36”, 48” X 48”, 54” X 54” M I G H T Y L I N E ® floor signs
  9. 9. 9 Mighty Line Freezer Floor Tape Mighty Line® Frigid Tape is a durable, permanent cold storage floor tape. This freezer floor tape maintains adherence in -20˚ Fahrenheit temperatures. This long lasting floor tape can be applied to cold, clean and dry floors. Mighty Line Frigid tape is available in 4 inch solid yellow. MIGHTY LINE ® FREEZER FLOOR TAPE
  10. 10. 10 RECEIVING SHIPPING First Aid Station Milling AssemblyTesting CNC Maintenance Area Staging1 Staging2 Staging3 Product A Product B Product C ArcFlashZone KEEPTHIS AREACLEAR Authorized Personnel Only KEEP CLEAR DONOT BLOCK Tow Motor Station Tow Motor Station Storage Area INSPECTION AREA Raw Materials MACHINING Organize your facility with Mighty Line 5S Products! MIGHTY LINE ® 5S FLOOR MARKING GUIDE
  11. 11. Let Mighty Line Save the Day! 11 MIGHTY LINE ® 5S FLOOR MARKING GUIDE Use Mighty Line® floor tapes to aid your 5S Implementation. Sorting is accomplished by removing unneeded items and leaving in place only critical items necessary to obtain optimal production. Set things in order by using different color Mighty Line floor tapes and floor markers to show work flow patterns, establish borders between work areas and mark the proper placement of tools, inventories, and machinery. Your facility will shine with the proper placement in- ventory tools, and machinery identified with brightly colored Mighty Line floor tapes, markers and signs. Standardize your optimized facility layout by photographing the properly placed flow lines, border lines, machinery and inventory placement markers and instructional floor signs. Use your pictures to sustain optimum facility layout and as a reference for future continuous improvement re-arrangement options. Finally, use Mighty Line safety tapes, floor markers, and safety floor signs to identify, communicate, and reinforce proper safety practices. SORT CLASIFICAR SUSTAIN MANTENER SHINE BRILLAR SET IN ORDER PONER EN ORDEN STANDARDIZE ESTANDARIZAR The 5s Pillars 6S SAFETY LA SEGURIDAD Safety Yellow - Caution: Pedestrian Aisle Ways Safety Red - Safety Areas – Emergency Exit Ways and Do Not Block Fire Extinguishers Safety White - Production Equipment – Machines, Carts, Incoming Racks Safety Green - Safety Related Equipment/Raw Material Areas – Eye Wash Stations and Spillage Showers Safety Orange - Parts for Machinery Area Safety Blue - Work in Process Area or Equipment Under Repair Zone Safety Black - Finished Goods Area Safety YELLOW/BLACK - Extra Caution Areas – Pedestrian Walkways or Aisle Ways Safety RED/White - Safety Equipment Areas – Fire Extinguishers, Electrical Panels, AED Machines, etc. Mighty Line 5s Floor Color Recommendations
  12. 12. ® Introducing... Mighty Line Cleaner! Formulated from water soluble synthetic surfactants. Contains NO Hazardous Chemicals • 100% Biodegradable • Industrial Neutral pH Factor • Non-Corrosive • No Odor • Non-Flammable • Non-Toxic • Non-Allergenic • No VOC’s Our New All Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser can be used for any cleaning purpose! Environmentally Safe Will Not Harm People, Animals or Plants Mighty Line Cleaner is specially formulated for heavy-duty use to replace hazardous cleaning solutions. Our cleaner is a versatile product that simplifies industrial cleaning and saves time by penetrating, dissolving, and safely cleaning any washable surface. Mighty Line Cleaner is recommended for use in hospitals/medical Institutions; schools; government facilities and federally inspected food establishments; hotels; offices/institutions; commercial and industrial facilities; public buildings. For Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Use

Mighty Line Freezer Floor Tape - Adhesive Magazines

The new Mighty Line® frigid floor tape is reportedly designed to be applied in cold temperatures as low as -10°F. Specially engineered with a low-temperature adhesive, the tape offers durable performance on cold surfaces in industrial freezers and cold-storage warehouses. It reportedly has no noxious fumes that restrict its use in food storage areas. The tape’s permanent peel adhesion is rated at 7 lbs/sq in. (PSTC-101) and, once applied and adhered, can be very difficult to remove. For more information, visit www.mightyline.net. You can view the article here http://www.adhesivesmag.com/articles/93062-shieldmark-inc-freezer-floor-tape

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Have questions or want more information on our floor tape. Don't be afraid to ask. http://www.mightyline.net/en/about-us/request-information.html Contact us at ShieldMark Inc. Email: info@mightyline.net Phone: (440) 895-9980

Freezer Floor Tape

Please take a look at the new Mighty Line Frigid Freezer Floor tape. Mighty Line Frigid Tape Mighty Line® Frigid Tape is a durable, permanent cold storage floor tape. This freezer floor tape maintains adherence in -20˚ Fahrenheit temperatures. This long lasting floor tape can be applied to cold, clean and dry floors. Mighty Line Frigid tape is available in 4 inch solid yellow. View more here http://www.mightyline.net/Mighty_Line_Frigid_Tape.pdf www.mightyline.net

Mighty Line Floor Tape Catalog

We just published a new Mighty Line catalog for 2015. Feel free to check it out. http://www.mightyline.net/Mighty_Line_Floor_Tape/index.html