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Plant Engineering Safety Product of the Year

Please go to http://www.plantengineering.com/events-and-awards/product-of-the-year/2014/2014-product-of-the-year-voting-ballot.html And vote for Mighty Line/ Shieldmark for Safety Product of the year Floor tapes The ShieldMark Mighty Line floor tapes were designed to help managers improve the safety, organization, and productivity of their facilities. The easy-to-apply floor marking products can be used for a wide variety of industry applications and boast long-lasting durability and labor-saving advantages. Might Line’s essential attributes include quick application, long life, and critical safety warning messages. Mighty Line’s advanced floor marking tapes provide non-invasive floor marking installation and removal. They can also be cleaned with industrial brush scrubbers, resist damage from wheeled forklift traffic, and are fume-free. ShieldMark Inc. www.mightyline.net

5s Floor Marking Guide

Need help with choosing what standard colors to use for your 5s facility. Mighty Line's 5s principles Use Mighty Line® safety tapes to aid your 5S Implementation.
Sorting is accomplished by removing unneeded items and leaving in place only critical items necessary to obtain optimal production. Set things in order by using different color Mighty Line floor tapes and floor markers to show work flow patterns, establish borders between work areas and mark the proper placement of tools, inventories, and machinery. Your facility will shine with the proper placement ­inventory tools, and machinery identified with brightly colored Mighty Line floor tapes, markers and signs. Standardize  your optimized facility layout by photographing the properly placed flow lines, border lines, machinery and inventory placement markers and instructional floor signs. Use your pictures to sustain optimum facility layout and as a reference for future continuous improvement re-arrangement options. Finally, use Mighty Line safety tapes, floor markers, and safety floor signs to identify, communicate, and reinforce proper safety practices. View the online catalog here: http://www.mightyline.net/ml5scatalog/index.html

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Mighty Line Floor Tapes

Mighty Line tapes apply easily for non-invasive floor marking, replacing painting and shorter-lasting floor tapes.

The heavy-duty striping can be cleaned with industrial brush scrubbers and resists damage from wheeled forklift traffic. Nine colors in four widths are available, as are an optional center line in a contrasting or glow-in-the-dark color.

Manufacturer: ShieldMark
Web Site: www.mightyline.net


You can view the online catalog here. ShieldMark is mentioned on page 41. 



Mighty Line Floor Signs Video

Here is a video on our Mighty Line floor signs. All Mighty Line floor signs are peel and stick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmL66nTXjRM

MHL News Article on Mighty Line Frigid Freezer Floor Tape

ShieldMark’s Mighty Line Frigid floor tape can be applied in temperatures as low as -10° Fahrenheit, offering durability and adhesion for use in frigid temperatures. The permanent, peel-and-stick freezer tape is suitable in industrial freezers and cold storage warehouses. There are no noxious fumes restricting usage in food storage areas. The permanent peel adhesion is rated at 7Lbs/ sq. in. and withstands continuous forklift tire traffic. Its thick adhesive membrane allows for adhesion to uneven floor surfaces. The tape is available in four standard widths (2”, 3”, 4”, 6”) and is backed by a two year limited warranty.

Mighty Line



Freezer Floor Tape

New Mighty Line Frigid Freezer Floor Tape

Cold storage facility owners face unique challenges maintaining safe and efficient traffic flow within their facilities. The constant movement of transport vehicles, the operation of forklifts and other mobile equipment, and the potential for collisions with pedestrians–all present significant traffic management obstacles in cold storage facilities. These traffic management concerns pose significant safety risks that could result in costly injuries and down-time.

Installing aisle floor markings to show boundaries and designate work flow patterns is a common method of regulating safe traffic flow. However, this becomes more difficult in cold food storage facilities-painting is discouraged because paint fumes and food storage do not mix. Additionally, freezing temperatures impinge on paint drying and adherence. Utilizing commonly used floor tapes is problematic because most floor tapes require an application temperature of 55° Fahrenheit or above. Additionally, once applied, most floor tapes are not specifically designed to weather repeated forklift tire traffic abuse.

In response to this “chilling” dilemma, ShieldMark Inc introduces its Mighty Line Frigid floor tape that is uniquely designed to be applied in cold temperatures as low as -10° F. Specially engineered with a low temperature adhesive, Mighty Line Frigid is an optimal freezer tape that provides long lasting durability and adhesion for use in frigid temperatures. The permanent, peel-and-stick freezer tape delivers excellent durable performance on cold surfaces in industrial freezers and cold storage warehouses. Concomitantly, Mighty Line Frigid floor tape has no noxious fumes restricting usage in food storage areas.

The freezer tape’s permanent peel adhesion is rated at 7 lb/ sq. in. (PSTC-101), and once Mighty Line Frigid is applied and adhered, it is very difficult to remove. The durable, thick Mighty Line Frigid floor tape withstands repeated forklift tire traffic abuse, it has superior chemical resistance properties, and its thick adhesive membrane allows for adhesion to uneven floor surfaces.

To maximize service performance, the freezer tape should be acclimated to 70° F temperature immediately before applying it to designated cold surfaces. The product offers quick installation, just make certain that the floor is clean and dry before the freezer tape is applied.

Mighty Line’s Frigid floor tape aids in optimizing overall cold storage facility organization and safety-delivering a significant, positive impact on the efficiency of overall operations. Because of the product’s quick installation, it is easier to meet unplanned or last-minute inspections - while providing long-term harsh environment performance.

Mighty Line Frigid floor tape is available in four standard widths (2, 3, 4, and 6 in.) to meet a myriad of cold storage facility applications. Mighty Line Frigid floor tape is backed by a two year limited warranty. Sold through a worldwide network of distributors, Mighty Line floor tape products are readily available.

Visit www.mightyline.net.

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