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Mighty Line Safety Floor Tape

by Shannon Stamper on April 04, 2020

What is a Safety Floor Tape?

Sometimes, floor divisions and markings are important in public and work locations as indications for divisions, hazards, traffic, safety, and other mandatory instructions. Floor tapes allow you to create smooth floor markings. They need to be used on degreased and dry floors above 50 deg/F. Mighty Line safety floor tapes are 7 times thicker than the average floor tape.

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What benefits does Mighty Line Safety floor tape provide?

Let us see some benefits of Mighty Line safety floor tapes.

  • It is thick, abrasion-free and can withstand industrial wheel traffic, chemicals, brush scrubbers and water.
  • The floor tapes have easy installation and come in a variety of styles and colors like yellow, orange, blue and red, etc.
  • They are durable and cost-effective.
  • They just need to be peeled and stuck and are faster to install than paint.
  • They can be used everywhere in floors and stairways or walls where people need instructions and can be changed quickly and easily.
  • They are a patented technology and manufactured in the USA
  • They create smooth floor markings that look much better than paint.
  • They have the longest warranty among the entire floor tape market.
  • They do not bleed off and have very minimal wear and tear so they do not need to be replaced frequently.