Warehouse Safety Tips | Episode 111 | Watch Your Steps

Watch Your Steps
On today’s podcast – we’re going to be covering Stair Safety at your facility. So stay tuned.
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If you’re a seasoned Podcast Listener – this podcast is going to be different from most you listen to.  It’s based around exactly what the name implies – Warehouse Safety Tips.  And since the people in that industry are busy – we know time is money, so each episode will be as short and to the point as possible.

And now that all that is out of the way – let’s get to the Podcast!

Today we’re going to be talking about Stair Safety.
Staircases are unavoidable at many locations, but keep in mind that they can be dangerous. Stair slip, trip, and fall-related accidents frequently occur in warehouses and factories more than you could ever imagine – and we want to make sure that you and your fellow employees are safe.
Although a simple list – here are a few steps (No Pun Intended) to greatly increase your chances of safely navigating stairs at your facility.
  • Always keep stairs free of all obstacles and debris.
  • Make sure stairs are kept as dry as possible. Hopefully, the stairs are slip-proof if you work in an area where surfaces stay wet and slick. If not – be sure to regularly dry stairs, keep fans blowing on the stairs, and add a product that adds an anti-slip via grit/grip.
  • If you’re carrying something – make sure you can see your feet and surroundings.
  • Use railings whenever possible.
  • NEVER participate in horseplay on or around stairs!
  • Take your time navigating stairs. Don’t run up or down and attempt to skip stairs.
  • Make sure you communicate with people going up and down stairways.
  • If you see an issue you can’t handle – be sure to let maintenance and management know immediately.
  • Last but certainly not least – the number one tip is PAY ATTENTION! This step alone will eliminate most issues.
The most important thing to remember is that every employee has the right to work in a safe and secure environment. If you don’t provide Stair Safety in your facility, it’s a violation of OSHA regulations and an unsafe working environment for your employees.
To remedy this situation, you need to identify the problem immediately and fix it. Your facility can accomplish avoiding issues through education and training for your employees to understand the dangers of using hazardous stairs and how to prevent injuries by using proper steps at all times. You can also put up clear signs, so employees know which stairs are safe to use at all times. If you follow these guidelines and take the necessary precautions, your warehouse or factory will be operating safely and efficiently for years to come.
We look forward to seeing you next week for another Warehouse Safety Tips.
Until then, have a great week and STAY SAFE!
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Thank you for listening to Warehouse Safety Tips – and have a SAFE day!



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