Warehouse Safety Tips | Episode 14 | There’s A Reason

On today’s Podcast  – we’re going to discuss the reasons certain Safety Practices are in place.  So stay tuned…

Welcome to Warehouse Safety Tips!

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If you’re a seasoned Podcast Listener – this podcast is going to be different from most you listen to. It’s based around exactly what the name implies – Warehouse Safety Tips. And since the people in that industry are busy – we know time is money, so each episode will be as short and to the point as possible.And now that all that is out of the way – let’s get to the Podcast!

CoronavirusWhen you make a Podcast or Social Media Post – one of the things you almost always adhere to is keeping your information Evergreen.  Being Evergreen means it’s fresh, relevant, and will never go out of date to those consuming it.  On our last Podcast entitled “Are You Ready EVERY Day?” – we spoke about our world being in the grips of the Coronavirus.  Unfortunately that situation appears it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  And it’s the same reason why I’ve chosen to break the constraints of remaining Evergreen – to hammer in our message today.
What IS that message?
It’s the idea that there’s a reason for everything.
Do you remember the first time you saw signs telling you not to climb into enclosures at the zoo and thought, “Why WOULD anyone EVER do that?!?”  Not only did enough people do it, that it required zoos to create and display a permanent sign – but people CONTINUE to do it even though it goes beyond all Common Sense and there are warnings on why you SHOULDN’T do it.
The same thing exists with the Coronavirus.
Most of us KNOW:
  • We shouldn’t cough and sneeze without covering our face.
  • We should regularly wash our hands and maintain good – if not great – hygiene.
  • We should keep our fingers out of our mouth and eyes.
  • We shouldn’t go to work – and other public places – when sick.
  • We should wear protective gear when handling anything we’re serving to others.
And although this Coronavirus – and all the chaos surrounding it – will eventually go away, the rules that are created during it won’t.  And at some point – people will wonder why:
  • They’re told to wash their hands so much.
  • There are SO many Hand Sanitizer Dispensers at their facility – and why they’re told to use them so much.
  • Social Distancing is so widely enforced.
  • Safety Masks are needed.
  • Safety Gloves aren’t just for protecting your hands any longer.
  • Shaking Hands is prohibited.
  • Clean / Sterile Environments and Practices are strictly enforced.
The difference is – now there are going to be signs and very likely, teams within facilities that create and enforce enhanced hygiene and safety practices.
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Now back to the Podcast…

At the start of this Podcast – we spoke about how there’s always a reason for how certain things are handled.

In the commercial you just heard – you know our sponsor has all the Safety Signs and Floor Markings you would ever need to accommodate creating Social Distancing Markings throughout your facility, as well as signs indicating Hand Washing Stations.  A benefit they have over a lot of other Safety Tape and Sign Companies – is their ability to create almost any custom design you need and do so in house.  In addition – all signs and floor markings are manufactured with their patented process and Made In The USA!

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We will get through this.

We will get back to business as usual.

And we will be here to bring you Safety Tips to continually keep you, your staff, and your facility safe, organized, and productive!

If you visit WarehouseSafetyTips.com – you’ll find the Show Notes for this episode.
Thank you for listening to Warehouse Safety Tips – and have SAFE day!



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