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On today’s Podcast – we’re going to be covering how to be SAFER at work. So stay tuned…

Welcome to Warehouse Safety Tips!

If you’re a seasoned Podcast Listener – this podcast is going to be different from most you listen to. It’s based around exactly what the name implies – Warehouse Safety Tips. And since the people in that industry are busy – we know time is money, so each episode will be as short and to the point as possible.

And now that all that is out of the way – let’s get to the Podcast!

Before being in the profession I’m in now – I spent a GREAT deal of time working in cubicles. In many of the positions I held doing so – the work I did was very repetitive. We had certain things we had to do a certain way. And it continued – minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, and so on.

At one point – I decided I wanted to move up. Doing so required lots of different things coming together to form a perfect storm – and much like getting a Valedictorian Honor in school, your quality and performance skills HAD to be among the best to even be considered. This meant I had to make EVERY call a perfect one. And even though while looking back it seems impossible – it took me 18 STRAIGHT months of perfection before I had my chance to move up.

Although the acronym I created for this Podcast wasn’t exactly the same – the methods I used to achieve those scores were.

When translated over to working in a Warehouse or Facility where safety concerns are of the utmost importance – the steps I’ll be covering will help you be better every day of your career.

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Now back to the Podcast…

The definition of the adjective SAFER is – free or secure from harm, injury, danger, or risk.

Although following what I’m about to cover won’t guarantee you’re free or secure from harm, injury, danger, or risk – when followed, it will greatly reduce your chances of those things happening to you and those around you.

Using the adjective SAFER as an acronym – here are the steps I come up with.


Make sure you pay attention from the moment you arrive at work. Know what occurred on the shifts before you, what needs to be done to make your shift complete, and/or anything that requires your attention.


Once you’ve surveyed what needs to be done – now it’s time to put what you found into action.


The rules and guidelines of your facility are there for a reason. Follow them!


Things are never perfect. When a plane takes off and lands – there are THOUSANDS of adjustments made in-between. While following the rules and guidelines – it’s your job to also try to improve upon them. This might require eliminating something, tweaking something, and/or creating something entirely new. But ALWAYS improving!


Lastly – doing the whole thing over again day after day. The speaker and author Jeff Olson says, “It doesn’t seem to make a difference in the act of doing it. But compounded by time, makes all the difference in the world.” IT being whatever you consistently do – good or bad.

Part of the 6S Methodology is Sustain. This is putting everything you know into habit.

In the first part of this Podcast I said following these steps would help you be better every day of your career. It could also help you move up as it did me. But at the very least – following these steps will help you make you and your fellow staff SAFER!

Thank you for listening to Warehouse Safety Tips – and have a SAFE day!



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