Warehouse Safety Tips | Episode 48 | Social Distancing Reminders

Social Distancing Reminders

On today’s Warehouse Safety Tips Wednesday, we’ll be covering Social Distancing Reminders – so stay tuned.

Welcome to Warehouse Safety Tips!

If you’re a seasoned Podcast Listener – this podcast is going to be different from most you listen to. It’s based around exactly what the name implies – Warehouse Safety Tips. And since the people in that industry are busy – we know time is money, so each episode will be as short and to the point as possible.

And now that all that is out of the way – let’s get to the Podcast!

On today’s Podcast – we’re going to be revisiting Social Distancing Reminders.
When the COVID Lock downs were initially announced – we all “THOUGHT” it was going to be a short time period.
Those couple of weeks extended.
Then not only did they extend, but the concerns heightened.
Eventually things started to level out a bit.
But now it appears we’re in yet another round.
We don’t know how long this round will last – and/or if it’ll EVER stop.
So here are some tips to get your facility on its way to being successfully Socially Distanced.
  • To get started – know what regulations you’re required to follow – and what you want implemented. (This may vary from facility to facility)
  • Walk your facility and detail how and where you need to implement the wants and regulations of your Social Distancing Plans.  This may include – but is by no means limited to the following:
    • Assure staff are distanced by 6-foot work areas.
    • Staff are wearing masks and/or gloves wherever applicable.
    • Hygiene Procedures such as frequent hand washing, keeping fingers out of eyes and mouth, and covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing is being followed.
    • Install partitions between work areas.
    • Implement one-way traffic flows.
    • Post Social Distancing Safety Signs and Floor Markings.
    • Modify your picking strategy.
    • Integrate tool sanitation stations.
    • Create “touch free” order consolidation.
    • Implement zero-interaction delivery.
    • Consider staggering shifts.
    • Schedule breaks strategically.
We hope these tips assist in helping you, your facility, and your families to be safe!

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