Warehouse Safety Tips | Episode 6 | Rack Safety

On today’s Podcast – we’re going to be talking briefly about Rack Safety. So stay tuned…

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If you’re a seasoned Podcast Listener – this podcast is going to be different from most you listen to. It’s based around exactly what the name implies – Warehouse Safety Tips. And since the people in that industry are busy – we know time is money, so each episode will be as short and to the point as possible.And now that all that is out of the way – let’s get to the Podcast!

If you have Tow or Lift Trucks at your facility – it’s almost certain you have racks to store items.

And that means you have – or at least SHOULD have – Safety Rules to follow within those racks. Those rules are put in place to keep you and your co-workers safe, organized, and productive.

When working within racks – you really need to keep your head your head on a swivel. You have potential hazards all around you. From all angles. And it’s not just yourself you should be concerned about. Be aware of people walking in and around you in racks.

And speaking of your head – as always, it should be covered with all the Safety Requirements your facility has in place. Including but not limited to – Hearing Protection, Eye Protection, and Hard Hat. Other Safety Gear such as Steel Toe Boots and Breathing Protection may be required as well. Again – just follow whatever Safety Requirements your facility has in place.

Now that you have on the right equipment – know all the Safety Areas of your racks. These will be designated with Floor Markings and/or signs. And always be on the lookout for areas that have been changed or updated – so you’re always aware of most up to date Safety Markings.

And it’s not just the Safety Markings you need to pay attention to. Always pay attention to the racks. Inspect them and know that the racks, products, and identifications are all in great shape. The slightest damage in the right place, can cause an entire rack to collapse. And in many cases – it can cause a Domino Effect that ends up taking out other racks with it. In reference to products – assuring loads are of proper weight and placement in their spots is also of the utmost importance. And last but not least – the way you identify placement of product needs to be easy to see / scan. This way, you and your co-workers will be able to properly identify where everything is at all times.

We just mentioned proper weight of products within racks. Knowing the Maximum Weight of each area is vital for safety. Generally – heavier items are stored in lowest to the ground – and decrease in weight as they go higher. Putting something heavier than racks can support is a recipe for trouble – and should be avoided at all costs.

When placing products on uppermost racks – it’s vital that you know and are constantly aware of your clearance. Roofs, Sprinkler Heads, lighting, and cameras can be easily damaged by not paying attention. And in the case of Sprinkler Systems – can cause excessive damage and downtime when accidentally hit.

Last – but certainly not least, if you don’t know or something seems incorrect – consult a supervisor.

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Now back to the Podcast…

As mentioned in the first part of this Podcast – when you have racks, it’s also likely you have Tow or Lift Trucks. Although part of Rack Safety – they come along with their own rules as well.

Before ever getting on and/or operating a Tow or Lift Truck – be certain you’ve taken and know all the required Safety Training to operate equipment within the racks.
Although most equipment have Safety Settings in place that won’t allow you to start or operate them without having the proper equipment attached – it’s still your responsibility to assure you’re wearing the proper Safety Belts and/or Harnesses.

While operating equipment and/or via a walk through before starting a shift – make sure aisles and the areas at the front and back of racks are clear of dirt and debris. Dragging debris under your Tow and Lift Trucks can damage both the trucks and floor markings.

Even though it SHOULD be common sense – be sure to know and obey Speed Limits in and around racks.

This was covered in the first part of this Podcast in reference to placement. But in getting the product to it’s proper placement – you have to be concerned more than ever with clearance. Be sure you know the maximum height you’re able to go before raising your Tow or Lift Truck.

Knowing proper Load Safety – both in transport and storage – is extremely important. When loading materials – make sure you have heavier items placed equally and/or centered on the bottom of your load. And add lighter items as you get higher. And make sure your load is secure from shifting and/or flying off during acceleration, bumps, and/or sudden stops.

We just covered Weight Distribution – but this is especially important when extended vertically. Your Tow or Lift Truck is extremely heavy – but when your mast is high and/or fully extended, safety concerns increase.

Speaking of being fully extended – another are you need to be concerned with is your battery and/or fuel. You don’t want to find yourself mid-racks and fully extended – and run out of power. In addition to power – you want to make sure the condition of both batteries or tanks are in good condition. Charging and fueling areas are notorious for misuse and abuse. Make sure you treat this and all areas – as if it were your own.

Pallet conditions are extremely important to pay attention to. Be sure to only use pallets that are in good shape and don’t have any objects sticking out on the edges, top, and/or bottom. By doing this – you’ll know you’ve done your best to assure product is sitting on a secure base, the racks in your facility aren’t being damaged from the pallets sitting within them, floor markings aren’t being torn or worn due to objects going across them, and last but not least – staff doesn’t run the risk of being injured from objects sticking out.

And as mentioned in the first part of this Podcast -if you don’t know or something seems incorrect – consult a supervisor.

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Thank you for listening to Warehouse Safety Tips – and have SAFE day!


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