Warehouse Safety Tips | Episode 92 | Safety Outside Of The Box

Safety Outside Of The Box
On today’s podcast – we’re going to be covering getting creative with safety. So stay tuned.
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If you’re a seasoned Podcast Listener – this podcast is going to be different from most you listen to.  It’s based around exactly what the name implies – Warehouse Safety Tips.  And since the people in that industry are busy – we know time is money, so each episode will be as short and to the point as possible.

And now that all that is out of the way – let’s get to the Podcast!

Recently, one of our sponsors – Mighty Line – had some art commissioned for their home office.  We were fortunate to get to interview the artist responsible.  The name of this artist is Christopher Dean.  And the reason we’re mentioning him on this podcast is his way of bringing out-of-the-box thinking to Mighty Line’s products.
You can find that interview in its entirety by going to:


So what does the artwork have to do with Safety?
As you go about your day-to-day operations at your facility – you’re met with a plethora of various safety notifications.  Or at least we HOPE you are!  It actually starts from the moment you get in your car – and your dashboard starts giving you information.  Indicators and alarms for things like gas levels, tire pressure, and seat belts may be totally ignored.  And it may even continue to the trip to work.  Stationary and Digital Signs, cones, and/or people giving instructions may only get a portion of your attention.  And then at work – the Safety Tape and Signs all over your facility may have become almost invisible to you.  We liken it to someone who works at a fertilizer plant that can’t smell how bad it is.  You just get so accustomed to your surroundings – that they become part of the landscape.
Now we’re not suggesting an art installation that jumps out at your staff – but instead, thinking outside of the box to make safety more noticeable.
Maybe it’s putting signs in different areas each week to keep them noticed.
It could be adding colorful warning safety tape to poles instead of paint.
Or simply just having regular pre-shift updates on where different safety precautions are located and the reason why they’re there.  And changing what locations you cover each time.
This thinking outside of the box will hopefully keep your staff from becoming blind to the items put in place to keep them safe.
Before moving on – here’s a word from one of our sponsors.
If you’ve ever been to or worked in a warehouse – you know just how important safety is to both management and staff.  It’s almost impossible to go 10 steps without seeing Safety Tape, Angles, Signs, and/or products.
It’s these items that show us how to be safe and avoid danger in the workplace.  And if you’re looking for the best products to make this happen – look no further than Mighty Line!
Mighty Line Floor Signs / Floor Markings offer the best industrial products out there!
Go to MightyLineTape.com/SafetyTips to request a Sample Pack of their incredible Safety Signs and Floor Markings.
What makes Mighty Line the superior choice in keeping your facility safe and productive?
  • Mighty Line Tape is the strongest floor tape on the market and has a beveled edge that increases durability for industrial brush scrubbers, forklifts, and heavy industrial wheel traffic.
  • Easy installation and removal thanks to Mighty Line’s peel and stick backing.  You can apply and reapply it during installation – and it leaves no sticky residue should you need to remove it.  This allows the ability to change workflow areas quickly and easily – and not have the downtime associated with painting or using floor markings that leave behind a mess when you remove them.
  • Mighty Line Tape is 7 times thicker than the average Safety Floor Tape.
  • Mighty Line’s Signs and Marking come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.  And if they don’t have what you’re looking for in stock – their Customize It Program allows you to create exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Mighty Line offers a Limited 3-Year Warranty on their Floor Signs and Markings.
  • And last but certainly not least – Mighty Line Products are Patented and PROUDLY Made in the USA!
We’re proud to have Mighty Line as THE Official Floor Sign / Floor Marking Company for the Warehouse Safety Tips Podcast and Site.
Again – Go to MightyLineTape.com/SafetyTips to request a Sample Pack of their incredible Safety Signs and Floor Markings.
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Thank you for listening to Warehouse Safety Tips – and have a SAFE day!


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