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Mighty Line Virus Prevention Floor Markings

by Shannon Stamper on April 04, 2020

Mighty Line Virus Prevention Floor Markings

What are Mighty Line Virus Prevention Floor Markings?

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With the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, it has become very important to maintain hygiene and social distancing at any workplace. Mighty Line has come up with a new line of floor markings that can be used for the Prevention and further spread of the COVID-19 virus. These important floor markings are very difficult to paint every time on different surfaces. Hence, the Mighty Line Virus Prevention Floor Markings come in handy in such times of distress and precaution.

What types of virus prevention floor signs does Mighty Line provide?

Different warning signs are required for different indications and hints. These precautionary labels or markings can be applied to product and packaging, workspace, equipment, and other locations. Some of the virus prevention floor markings that Mighty Line provides are as follows.

  • Hand Washing Instructions for Coworkers
  • Keep Mask and Gloves On Instruction Sign
  • Social Distancing Sign
  • Coughing Technique Sign
  • Virus Prevention Help Aids Sign

These signs could help many offices and workplaces to remind the employees of proper sanitization and precautionary measures. The virus prevention floor markings are extremely easy to use and are manufactured using high-quality, top-grade industrial material. They can withstand heavyweight, water and chemicals. The floor signs have easy installation and come in a variety of styles and colors. They are durable and cost-effective.