Mighty Line Clear Label Protectors

How To Apply Mighty Line Floor Tape?

  • Make sure the floors are clean, dry, and the floors are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a degreaser or denatured alcohol to clean the floors.

    Benefits of Mighty Line Floor Tape:

  • Mighty Line's peel-and-stick adhesive leaves no residue when removed.
  • Mighty Line floor tape is thick, tough, and the special Mighty Line formula      helps resist  abrasion.
  • Ability to change workflow area quickly and easily.
  • Mighty Line floor tape is 50 mil thick with beveled edges 
  • Mighty Line floor tape withstands industrial brush scrubbers, forklifts, and heavy industrial wheel traffic. 
  • No downtime associated with paint
  • Faster to install than paint
  • Mighty Line widths: 2,3,4 and 6 inch
  • Mighty Line lengths: 100 feet for all tapes except reflective floor tape
  • Solid Colors: Yellow, White, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Black, Brown, Grey and Purple available in Mighty Line floor tape.
  • Mighty Line floor tape is patented and Proudly Made in the USA
  • Mighty Line has the leading manufacturers limited 3-year warranty.
  • HS Tariff Code: 3919102055
  • Mighty Line Clear Label Protectors


    Mighty Line Clear Label Protectors

    - 6 x 10 Std Pk of 100 - flexible label protector

    - 10 x 13 Std Pk of 100- Jumbo Size- flexible label protector

    NEW *** Mighty Line Heavy Duty Clear Label Protectors

    - 6 x 10 Heavy Duty Pk of 50-  2x thick as the std version

    -10 x 13 Heavy Duty Pk of 50 - Jumbo Size - 2x thick as std version

    - Heavy Duty Label Protector are meant for flat surfaces and for areas of heavy duty traffic