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Mighty Line Tape’s Durable Blue Marking Tape


When it comes to industry common practice, blue safety tape is used to indicate that there is work in progress or that the area in question is an equipment-under-repair zone. To meet these needs, Mighty Line Tape has the best selection for choosing your blue floor marking tape. 

In addition to finding the blue safety tape that you’re searching for, you will be able to find more durable floor marking products that allow your business to operate more efficiently. 

At Mighty Line Tape, we take pride in offering the strongest floor tape, which happens to be seven times thicker than most floor tapes. Our floor marking products are able to be used to mark safety areas, machinery zones, and other areas that need to be appropriately marked. 

Selecting Your Blue Floor Marking Tape

With our collection of blue marking tape, you will be able to find the perfect selection of what you are searching for. All of the following options are available in 100-foot rolls and come with three-year limited warranties: 

When applying your Mighty Line blue floor tape, make sure the floors are clean and dry. Our tape works best when the floors are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the tape is applied after the floors are degreased or cleaned with a denatured alcohol.

In addition to these blue floor marking tape options, the possibilities to perfect your warehouse or distribution center are endless. From floor tape to safety products and more, Mighty Line is working to create the safest and most productive environment for you. 

Our newest additions include social distancing signs and COVID-19 signs. Check out all we have to offer so you and your coworkers can maintain a safe, functional, and profitable workspace.

The Benefits of Choosing Mighty Line, the Only Durable Stripe

Our tape has the ability to endure forklift traffic, industrial wheel traffic, and brush scrubbers. Selecting the strongest, most durable tape in the market comes with many benefits. Check out why our blue safety tape is the best choice for your business:

  • Fast and easy-to-use peel-and-stick application
  • Easy removal that leaves no residue 
  • 50 MIL thickness with beveled edges that eases traffic flow
  • A wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes available
  • All options include a three-year warranty
  • Patented and proudly made in the USA

In addition to all of these advantages, we have even more to offer. We also supply essential products such as tape dispensers, floor signs, and location markers. See all the other essential products we supply to help promote a safe workspace.

Choose Mighty Line for Blue Safety Tape Today

We specialize in making only the best, most durable floor marking tape because we care about the safety conditions of your workplace. Our blue marking tape, along with all of our floor marking options, are readily stocked and able to quickly ship to you through our wide network of dedicated dealers.  

We are proud to be made in the USA and offer the longest warranty in the floor tape market. Stop painting and start taping by contacting us today!