About Us- Mighty Line Floor Tape

Here at Mighty Line we work to create the most durable floor marking products in the market. We manufacture our Mighty Line floor tape, floor signs, and 5s floor markers here in the United States. 

Watch our quick intro video below:


Mighty Line floor tape is not your average or "run-of-the-mill" floor tape. Our floor tape is 50 mils thick, which is about 7 times thicker than the average floor tape.  Our Mighty Line floor tape products remove cleanly, which most do not. 

Mighty Line Floor Tape - Just Tape It

Mighty Line is sold through our network of dedicated dealers in the USA and internationally.

Why Buy Mighty Line?

  1.  Toughest Floor Tape Available 
  2.  Removes cleanly after years of use
  3.  Wide network of dealers carry Mighty Line floor marking items. Which means Mighty Line is readily stocked and ships with quick turn around time. 
  4. Longest warranty on the market. Mighty Line has a 3 year limited warranty
  5. Made in the USA 
  6. Mighty Line floor tape is patented

Mighty Line Floor Tape