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Mighty Line Floor Tape Resources

Why Mighty Line Floor Tape? 

Here at Mighty Line we work to create the most durable floor marking products in the market. We manufacture our Mighty Line floor tape, floor signs, and 5s floor markers here in the United States.  When it comes to choosing floor tape you have to be careful. You want a durable floor tape that is readily available. Our Mighty Line floor tape has been in the market for over 10 years. Mighty Line has been successful because of our quality patented Mighty Line products, reliable customer service, and quick turn around time.  Mighty Line has distriubtion warehouses through out the United States to help our dealer network fulfill orders in two/three days. 

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Mighty Line floor tape is not your average or "run-of-the-mill" floor tape. Our floor tape is 50 mils thick, which is about 7 times thicker than the average floor tape.  Our Mighty Line floor tape products remove cleanly, which most do not. 

Mighty Line Floor Tape - Just Tape It

Mighty Line is sold through our network of dedicated dealers in the USA and internationally.

Why Buy Mighty Line?

  1.  Toughest Floor Tape Available 
  2.  Removes cleanly after years of use
  3.  Wide network of dealers carry Mighty Line floor marking items. Which means Mighty Line is readily stocked and ships with quick turn around time. Popular products can be delivered in two days via ground delivery. 
  4. Longest warranty on the market. Mighty Line has a 3 year limited warranty
  5. Made in the USA 
  6. Mighty Line floor tape is patented

Mighty Line Floor Tape

Mighty Line Stocking Locations

Cleveland, OH - Midwest DC

Reno, NV - West Coast DC


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Stop Painting & Start Taping with Mighty Line!

How To Apply Mighty Line Floor Tape


Mighty Line Floor Marking Instructions


  • Establish installation area
  • Ensure install area is clean and dry
  • Make sure floor is above 50 °F
  • Remove adhesive backing from floor tape /floor sign/ floor marker
  • Stick to the floor


Other Tips


  • Avoid dragging skids across floor marking products
  •  Avoid heavy acidic cleaners that could ruin adhesive
  • Recommended cleaners : Mighty Line Cleaner / denatured alcohol
  • Use other Mighty Line products to mark 5s areas and safety ways.


Mighty Line Floor Marking Tape Infographic shows the benefits of Mighty Line Floor Tape vs using Floor Paint in your facility. 

Stop painting lines in your facility and try the patented heavy duty Mighty Line floor tape. If you are laying down 5s floor marking lines or creating safety marking areas for forklifts, try the Mighty Line industrial floor tape instead. 

Mighty Line Floor tape offers a variety of benefits over painting lines. Our Mighty Line floor marking infographic breaks down why it is the ideal choice for keeping your facility safe and organized. Mighty Line is a more cost efficient option because it is more durable than marking paint. Mighty Line floor tape installs quickly and easily with no downtime. 

Mighty Line 5s infographic shows the many benefits of Mighty Line floor tape. Please share this Mighty Lines 5s infographic with other coworkers or colleagues. Please consider trying Mighty Line floor tape and stop painting floor tape. Request a free sample today!

Click here to view the infographic

Mighty Line Floor Tape vs Paint Infographic - Stop Painting Lines! from ShieldMark, Inc.

Try Mighty Line Floor Tape and stop using thin vinyl tape and painting. 

Try this calculator on your own and enter in your own numbers. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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Mighty Line VS Vinyl and Paint Test




ShieldMark Three Year Limited Warranty

Subject to limitations hereinafter set forth, ShieldMark Inc warrants that all ShieldMark products sold to purchaser hereunder will be free of defects in workmanship and materials. In consideration of the express warranty and other items herein contained, purchaser agrees that ShieldMark Inc’s liability to purchaser on any claim, whether tort, contract, warranty, or otherwise, shall in no event exceed the purchase price hereunder. In no event shall ShieldMark, Inc be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind or nature whatsoever. ShieldMark warranties Mighty Line and Mighty Glow floor tapes will remain adhered to the floor for a period of 3 years provided that our floor tape is properly applied to a clean, warm (above 50degrees Fahrenheit), dry and smooth floor surface. Dragging or pushing skids over the top of Mighty Line or Mighty Glow floor tape will nullify the above warranty. In the event Mighty Line or Mighty Glow tape does not remain adhered to the floor for a period of 3 years, and the above application conditions have been met, and the floor tape removal was not caused by dragging or pulling of skids across the Mighty Line or Mighty Glow floor tape, ShieldMark Inc. will replace the non-conforming tape free of charge.


Other items that can nullify Mighty Line floor tape warranty:

- Harsh acid base chemicals used to clean the floor

- Not cleaning the floor properly before Mighty Line is applied

Safety Talk Blog and Safety Stripes Podcast

The official Mighty Line floor tape blog. The home of the patented Mighty Line floor tape. Mighty Line floor tape is the best floor marking tape available. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Learn more at  https://mightylinetape.com/a/blog/category/mighty-lines-safety-talk-and-toolbox-talk-topics

The Toughest Tape. Now With Faster Shipping.

Mighty Line introduces 2-day shipping to most of the continental U.S.

Transit Time:

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4-5 Days* 
* Estimated

Mighty Line's West Coast Distribution Center Goes Live!

New Distribution Center = Faster Transit Times for You!

New Distribution Center in Reno, NV

Attention Mighty Line Customers! You are going to receive your orders faster! We are very happy to announce that Mighty Line floor tape has opened its West Coast Distribution Center! Our strategically placed distribution center is located in Reno, NV and will be fulfilling orders to the West Coast. You can view the Times in Transit map above to see how this may enhance your shipment.

Faster Order Processing

With two distribution warehouses, our dealer network will not only enjoy faster times in transit, but also faster processing times on all orders. When you need something fast, think Mighty Line Floor Marking Products!

Where Your Order will Ship From

With two shipping warehouses, our shipping capability has expanded tremendously. We will be shipping high volume and common Mighty Line floor marking products out of both our Reno, NV and Cleveland, OH locations based on the shipping destination.

Best In Service & Durability

We've always been known for offering great products and customer service, but don't take our word for it. Read our Verified Customer Reviews. We've also expanded our customer service hours to better accommodate all customers. We are now open from 8:00AM to 8:00PM PST (8:00AM to 8:00PM EST) Monday through Friday.


Email Us At: info@mightylinetape.com
Or Call Us...
Cleveland, OH Location: (800) 714-9980  |  Reno, NV Location: (800) 714-9980

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Your Text. Your Logo. Your Design!

Add your own text, graphics and/or company logo to our floor signs and floor tape. Choose from pre-determined floor sign shapes such as circle, triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, or octagon. Or choose from our 2", 3", 4", or 6" width safety floor tape as your canvas.

Learn more at https://mightylinetape.com/pages/customize-it

The Safety Pro Podcast for Safety Experts!

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