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Yellow Floor Tape from Mighty Line Tape


Mighty Line Tape has built a strong reputation as a leading manufacturer of industrial safety products. Our team understands the importance of safety and organization in a workplace environment, which is why we offer reliable floor marking tapes and other safety products for your operations. 

Our assorted products are used in warehouses, distribution centers, and other 5S lean manufacturing areas to improve safety, productivity, and organization. We carry a wide variety of floor marking tapes including our very popular yellow safety tape. 

Learn more about the yellow floor tape variations we have available and how they can benefit your work environment. 

Our Yellow Floor Marking Tape Collection


At Mighty Line Tape, we supply a broad range of yellow floor marking tape variations to improve safety conditions in the workplace. If your facility is in need of safety and organization improvements, our marking tapes are the solutions for you. 

Our yellow floor tape collection includes:

  • 2” Yellow Floor Tape – 100’ Roll – This safety floor tape is equipped with a peel-and-stick application allowing for quick and easy installation and no residue at removal. This product, measuring 2 inches by 100 feet, is used commonly to designate specific areas of a work facility. 
  • 3” Yellow Floor Tape – 100’ Roll – Equipped with a beveled edge for long-lasting durability, this safety tape is ideal for even the toughest industrial conditions. Available in 100-foot rolls, this yellow marking tape enhances workplace productivity and employee safety.  
  • 4” Yellow Floor Tape – 100’ Roll – Designed for increased durability and reliability, this patented Mighty Line tape serves as a cost-effective solution to painted lines. The peel-and-stick application allows for quick and easy installation and removal.
  • 6” Yellow Floor Tape - 100’ Roll – Our 6-inch safety floor tape is proven to increase facility productivity, safety, and organization. Backed by a 3-year warranty, this yellow safety tape is built for harsh industrial environments. 

If you are not sure which of our yellow marking tapes is the best fit for your workplace, request a sample product today to find out what works for you. 

Benefits of Our Yellow Safety Tape


Each of our floor tapes and safety products are designed to provide many added advantages to your work facility. 

Some of the benefits of our yellow safety tape include:

  • A peel-and-stick application that leaves behind no residue during later removal
  • 50-MIL thickness with beveled edges to ensure ease of traffic flow
  • Ability to endure forklift traffic, industrial wheel traffic, and scrubbers 
  • A wide variety of sizes and colors available for purchase
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Quick and easy application as well as long-lasting durability 
  • Products made in the USA

To learn more about how our products can benefit your workplace, check out some of our customer reviews

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If you are interested in learning more information about the different yellow marking tape options we have available, contact our team today. We are readily available to answer any questions and to help you find the optimal tape for your applications!