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Mighty Line’s Gray Tape


Are you searching for strong, durable tape that is able to withstand heavy traffic? Look no further, because Mighty Line Tape has the best options for gray floor marking tape for your workspace. We have created our tape options because we know how much the safety of your employees means to your organization. 

While gray doesn’t fall under the standard 5S Color Code, its color means that you can then choose it to denote any area of a facility that you deem appropriate, adding to your arsenal under the 5S system.

Mighty Line Gray 5S Tape Selection


Increase your productivity and safety with the most durable tape. Mighty Line tape is able to withstand traffic from industrial wheels and heavy machinery due to its beveled edges, making our ready-to-use and easy-to-apply tape a robust option for any warehouse, production facility, and more. 

Our Mighty Line solid gray floor tape comes in four different widths. See our selection of 100-foot rolls below:


We believe that all of our gray floor marking tape options are ideal for your facility and will withstand the tough conditions you’re accustomed to. Therefore, we back our tape with a three-year limited warranty. 

Our floor tape is seven times thicker than the average floor tape, but still has the ability to cleanly be removed without leaving any residue behind once it’s time to be replaced. We want to ensure that you are receiving only the best-quality products. 

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Any color, size, or shape that you may need, we have it at Mighty Line. Properly mark and indicate your workflow area with the strongest, most durable, American-made tape. See for yourself what the Mighty Line difference is. Contact us today for your gray line marking tape!