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Black and Yellow Striped Floor Tape (2)

2" Yellow Tape with Black Center Line - 100' Roll - Safety Floor Tape

4" Yellow Tape with Black Center Line - 100' Roll - Safety Floor Tape

When it comes to the safety of your employees, having the right systems in place is key. Our black and yellow striped tape can help you distinguish dangerous areas and encourage employees and visitors to proceed with caution. 

While there are several uses for our tape, we suggest using black and yellow striped floor tape to designate physical and health hazard exposure areas. This could include spaces that have flammable or combustive materials, for example.

Advantages of Using Mighty Line’s Black and Yellow Striped Floor Tape

When you are in need of a new floor marking solution, know that our products feature a variety of benefits. In addition to reducing downtime and being made in America, our tapes’ benefits include:

  • Strength – Our black and yellow safety floor tape is always finished with beveled edges in order to maintain strong adhesion to the floor and allow wheel traffic to pass with ease. Additionally, our tape is 50 MIL thick to ensure durability.

  • Easy to apply – Our black and yellow floor tape features a peel-and-stick construction that will make application simple.

  • Versatility – Our products are designed for use in a variety of 5S facilities, and our black and yellow striped floor tape is available in two sizing options to make sure you can achieve the ideal outcome for your project.

  • Protection – To protect your tape purchase, we offer a 3-year limited warranty that keeps you confident in your tape’s performance.

At Mighty Line Tape, we value safety in warehouses everywhere. Boost your productivity, efficiency, and functionality when you use Mighty Line’s black and yellow striped tape and other options throughout your facility.

Shop Our Selection of Black and Yellow Center Line Floor Tape Today

With our 100-foot rolls of black and yellow center line floor tape, you can optimize your facility and keep your employees safer. Be sure to shop our website or contact us today if you have any questions.