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Floor Tape Applicators and Safety Products from Mighty Line (6)

New Mighty Liner 2", 3", and 4" Floor Tape Applicator

New Mighty Liner 6" Floor Tape Applicator

Mighty Line Sticky Absorbent Floor Mat

Mighty Line Sticky Absorbent Floor Mat - Small 34"x 50'

Extreme Mighty Ram Guard Rack Protector

Mighty Line All Purpose Cleaner - 1 Gallon Container - Floor Tape

At Mighty Line Tape, we know that well-organized factories and workplaces typically operate more efficiently and safely. This is why we provide safety products and floor tape applicators that can help to organize everything from warehouses to oil and gas facilities.

Our Floor Tape Applicator Machines

At Mighty Line Tape, we provide floor tape applicator machines that are heavy-duty, lightweight, and easy to operate. Our floor tape applicators enable you to quickly and easily apply floor marking tape to your warehouse floor. To ensure a proper bond between the tape and the floor, make sure the installation area is clean and dry prior to application.

Our Mighty Liner applicators allow you to thread up to 100 feet of tape at a time and are equipped to apply any of our peel-and-stick tapes. The tapes that our floor marking tape applicators can apply include:

Once applied to the floor, we recommend regularly cleaning the tape with our all-purpose cleaner to guarantee maximum visibility.

Contact Us for Floor Marking Tape Applicators and Safety Products

In addition to floor tape applicators, we also provide sticky absorbent floor mats and ram guard rack protectors to help keep your workplace operating safely! If you’re looking to improve the productivity, safety, and profitability of your workplace, contact Mighty Line Tape for safety products or floor tape applicator machines.