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Mighty Line’s Black Tape


At Mighty Line, we want to help ensure safety in your workplace environment. We are proud to share our strong, durable tape with you and your facility. Our goal is to help keep your environment working safely and efficiently. 

According to the 5S floor marking system, black marking tape is typically used to signal materials, such as raw materials, and areas that are completed or work-in-progress spaces. We have the variety of options for you to find the perfect black 5S tape to mark off these spaces in your facility.

Choosing Your Black Floor Tape


For all of our black floor tape options, we offer a three-year limited warranty to ensure that you are receiving products of the best quality. Additionally, all of these options come in 100-foot rolls. Check out our black floor marking tape options below: 


We take pride in offering a durable tape that is fast and easy to use with our peel-and-stick application. When applying your new black floor tape, make sure that the surface is clean and dry to ensure a nice, firm bond.

For the lifecycle of our durable tape, it is able to endure heavy traffic from forklifts, industrial wheels and brush scrubbers, ensuring your facility will stay safe and functional. And when you’re ready to remove your black tape, it’s easy as can be and no residue will be left behind. 

Contact Us for Your Black Marking Tape


In addition to our black tape options, we offer other tape selections that are a part of the 5S floor marking system. We also have a large selection of floor signs, safety products and floor markings to improve social distancing efforts

Ready to get started with marking your facility? Contact us today and find out why our tape is the most durable!