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2-Inch Floor Tape

At Mighty Line Tape, we are proud to offer the strongest 2-inch floor tape on the market. Seven times thicker than average floor tape, our entire line of floor tape products is designed to withstand heavy daily traffic from forklifts, brush scrubbers, and more.

2-Inch Floor Marking Tape from Mighty Line Tape

2-inch floor tape is the perfect solution for any warehouse environment and a great tool in 5S or lean manufacturing settings. Our floor marking products can be used to create walkways, direct workflow, denote hazardous areas, and so much more.

2-inch floor tape from Mighty Line Tape is available as 100-foot rolls or as custom cut segments for those smaller areas of warehouse floor that require 2-inch floor marking tape. Our 2-inch floor marking tape is available in 10 solid colors to comply with all OSHA regulations and 5S lean environments including:

Mighty Line Tape’s solid color floor tape is also offered in 3-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch widths in these 10 OSHA compliant colors.

All the Reasons to Use Our 2-Inch Floor Tape

At Mighty Line Tape, we understand the importance of safety in any facility. That’s why we provide the strongest floor marking products on the market to help you promote safety in your warehouse while also increasing productivity. Designed with beveled edges, our 50 MIL thick, 2-inch floor tape is built to last.

The peel-and-stick adhesive design allows for easy application that is just as easily removed when needed with minimal residue left behind. All of our products, including our 2-inch floor marking tape, carry a three-year limited warranty.

More 2-Inch Floor Tape Mighty Line Tape

In addition to our solid color 2-inch floor tape, we offer a variety of other 2-inch floor tape to meet any of your floor making needs including:

These alternatives of our 2-inch floor tape are coded to signify specific areas or possible hazardous situations in your warehouse such as eyewash stations, first aid kits, flammable materials, or high-traffic areas.

Additional Floor Marking Solutions

At Mighty Line Tape, we offer everything you need to increase productivity and promote safety in your facility. Take your workflow to the next level by pairing your 2-inch floor tape with our floor marking shapes, signs, and custom markings including:

For a full look at everything Mighty Line Tape has to offer in addition to our 2-inch floor tape, check out our product catalog.

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If you’re ready to take the next step towards increasing productivity and promoting safety in your facility with our 2-inch floor tape and more from Mighty Line Tape, contact us today! Our dedicated team of experts is standing by to answer any questions or offer help placing your order.