Mighty Liner Floor Tape Applicator

Mighty Liner Floor Tape Applicator

What is Tape Applicator?

Sometimes, floor tapes and markings are important in public and work locations as indications for divisions, hazards, traffic, safety, and other mandatory instructions. Floor tape applicators are designed for quick and hassle-free application of floor tapes on various walls and surfaces. The applicators give strength and durability so that the tapes will not wear off and also speed and accuracy for a seamless application.

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What benefits does Mighty Line Tape Applicator provide?

Let us see some benefits of Mighty Line safety floor tapes.

  • Mighty Line Tape Applicators are durable and cost-effective and come for various tape widths.
  • The applicator can be used to apply many tapes like vinyl tape, floor tapes, anti-slip tapes, gaffers tape, duct tape, and many others.
  • The applicator guides the user to create straight lines and apply the tape down on the first try without the messy effort of pulling the tape across the room on your knees.
  • It can be used everywhere in floors and stairways or walls where people need to stick instructions and can be used for quick and easy tape application.
  • The heavy-duty applicator creates smooth floor markings that look much better than a paint job.
  • It helps the floor tape to stay and not bleed off and causes very minimal wear and tear so tapes do not need to be replaced frequently.



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