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What's THE Most Effective Safety Strategy?

by Alec Goecke on May 26, 2017

The single most effective strategy to Make Workers Safe AND Productive... and it's so easy! 

What is it? 

Implementation of 5S Methodology!   

If you don’t know what that is - here’s a link explaining it in detail.   

5S Methodology 

Simply put - 5S Methodology is “A place for everything and everything in its place.”   

The best way to ensure this is accomplished - is by making sure EVERYTHING is properly labeled via tape and signs (All with the proper color coding). 

One of the best ways to avoid problems is by doing preemptive measures to assure employees don't make them.

Shieldmark manufactures everything you need to implement the 5S Methodology and keep your workers safe and productive!  Even better - our patented Mighty Line floor tape and 5s floor markers are Made in the USA! 

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