6” Floor Tape Segments

Mighty Line Floor Tape

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At Mighty Line Tape, we provide floor tapes, 5S markings, and floor signs to increase efficiency and productivity in your warehouse. Among our line of floor tapes, we offer 6” floor tape segments for those needing to create clear paths on industrial floors.

Learn more about our 6” tape segments and how they can be beneficial for your industry needs today.

About Our 6” Tape Segments

Our 6” tape segments come in a pack of 100 and have beveled edges which improve durability in harsh industrial environments. Our floor tape segments are also available in 2", 3", and 4” widths depending on your preference or needs.

When choosing to purchase your 6” floor tape segments from us, you have the choice of the following color options:

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Gray
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Yellow/black hazard
  • White/black hazard
  • Red/white hazard

Additional benefits of purchasing our 6” floor tape segments include:

  • We supply a 3-year limited warranty on all of our products
  • Products, including our 6” tape segments, are made in the United States
  • No residue is left over once removing the tape from your floors
  • Applying tape is less time-consuming than painting warehouse floors
  • Our 6” floor tape segments come with an easy peel-and-stick application

Above all, our team is committed to providing helpful and detailed customer support when you choose to shop with us. Learn more about our team and how we can best serve you by visiting our about page.

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