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New warehouse Podcast

The New Warehouse

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Mighty Line is proud to sponsor the New Warehouse and the growing podcast in the warehouse industry. 

About the New Warehouse

Kevin Lawton and the New Warehouse love to learn and believe that continuously learning is such a great way to keep your mind sharp and help to improve yourself over time. While reading books and getting knowledge from others is great, some times it can be more time consuming or not something that can happen quickly. Due to this, I had searched around for a blog or podcast that would be covering the topics I was interested in but I could not find anything that was covering more of the distribution side of things. The sites that I was finding were more like old fashioned trade publications and did not keep my interest.

The New Warehouse PodcastKevin Lawton
Learn more about the New Warehouse Podcast here - https://www.thenewwarehouse.com/