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SKU: COVID19Prevent
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During flu season or any other virus outbreak, workers are scared of possible contamination. By using our Virus Prevention Awareness floor sign, you can put workers at ease by showing them that you care about their environment and health. Give each member of your staff a helpful reminder as they enter and leave the workspace to follow a few basic steps to prevent the spreading of a virus. It is very important that all employees remember to wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds or longer. It is very important that all employees remember to steralize their work areas and avoid touching of their face and neck. Also, workers should try to maintain social distances of 6 feet or more whenever possible.  Finally, workers should not come to work sick and a helpful reminder that you do not want them to come in sick is really the best defense.  Simply peel and stick this floor sign down and you will have a tool to remind your staff to think of their own hygiene and for others during these stressful times. 

It is hard being the annoying manager, repetively reminding your staff to maintain these health safety protocols. By using a floor sign, you can elegantly enforce life saving health safety protocols. 

This floor sign will help keep shoppers or employees healthy, helping to limit the spread of COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus. 

Available Sign Sizes for SKU COVID19Prevent: 

16" wide

24" wide

36" wide