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How to Implement 5S in the Workplace

by Wes Wyatt on August 06, 2020



How to Implement 5S in the Workplace

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The 5S lean methodology is an easy, yet effective, way to greatly improve how your workplace functions. This organizational method has been used for decades and can be implemented in organizations of any type or size.

What Is the 5S Method for Lean Manufacturing?

The 5S method was created to improve productivity, safety, and profitability in the workplace. It includes a total of 5 steps: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain.

    Best Practices for Implementing 5S in Manufacturing Facilities

    Implementing lean manufacturing in your facility is generally inexpensive; however, it will involve some time to create a plan and successfully implement. In order to effectively employ lean methodology in the workplace, there are several best practices we recommend:

    • Education – In any 5S plan, education is crucial. When starting out, we recommend sending your managers and directors to a 5S in the workplace training workshop so that they have a total understanding of what it means to create a lean workplace. Additionally, it’s pertinent you make sure that your entire team understands why you are implementing a 5S plan, the benefits of it, and what they will need to do. Ensuring that every employee is engaged, committed, and educated on 5S is absolutely necessary for a successful implementation of 5S in manufacturing facilities.

        • Plan – When creating a 5S plan for your facility, it is important to include everyone in the planning process. By including employees at all levels in the organization in the planning process, you will ensure that everyone knows what they need to do and are able to follow the plan created. Including employees in the planning process also tends to lead to greater commitment to the plan from the workers.

            • Consistency – Just like it is crucial to educate all of your employees, it is equally important to implement lean methodology uniformly throughout your facility. Following the 5S color code and implementing floor tape and signs throughout the workplace will help you create a uniform, organized, and lean manufacturing facility. This will help to ensure that your facility stays productive and safe for years to come.

                • Measurement – Once you implement 5S in the workplace, it’s important to constantly measure the success of your plan and make adjustments as needed. We recommend you evaluate whether your 5S plan has cut down on production times, accident rates, costs, and more. This will show you whether your plan is successful or not and what you should change.


                  Create a Lean Workplace with Our Line of 5S Products

                  At Mighty Line Tape, we offer a variety of 5S products that will help you create an organized, safe, and lean workplace. Some of our 5S products include:

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                  • Glow-in-the-dark floor tape
                  • Specialty floor tape
                  • Angles
                  • T's
                  • Dots
                  • Segments
                  • Arrows
                  • Footprints

                  Safety products from Mighty Line Tape are frequently implemented for 5S in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, healthcare and hospitality environments, and more.

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