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Mighty Line 5s Floor Signs (333)

Standard Red Stop Sign - Floor Marking

Keep Clear, Do Not Block Square Floor Sign

Floor Tape Stop Sign Stickers from Mighty Line Tape

Do Not Block Fire Extinguisher Sign

Keep Clear, Do Not Block Electrical Panel Floor Sign

Caution Door Swing Area 36" Yellow

Mighty Line Red Caution Door Swing Area 36" Floor Signs

Emergency Eye Wash Floor Sign

First Aid Station Sign (Green) - 1 Sign - Floor Marking

Mighty Line 5S floor marking signs are perfect for marking different areas in your warehouse. Our 5S floor signs can be used to designate high-danger areas, safety precautions, reserve vehicle parking, and evening traffic patterns for your facility.  Stop painting your warehouse floors and start using Mighty Line Tape’s 5S signs.


Our Line of 5S Floor Marking Signs

At Mighty Line Tape, we know how important it is to keep your workspace operating efficiently and safely, and with a large variety of floor signs, you can find all signage needs in one spot. Our products can be used in industrial settings, hospitals, schools, oil and gas facilities, and much more.

With so many signs available from Mighty Line Tape, we are the one-stop shop for all your signage needs. Several of our 5S floor sign categories include:

Standard 5S Floor Signs – With businesses and buildings ranging in size and code requirements, Mighty Line Tape provides three standard size options for important floor signs. The sizes include:

OHSA Floor Sign Compliance Kits – Having an OHSA-compliant warehouse means your workplace is free from serious hazards for your workers. Several of these required 5S signs include:

    Additionally, Mighty Line Tape provides the 5S standard colors for solid, diagonal, and even striped floor tape to facilitate organization and uniformed communication in the workplace.

    We have also recently introduced new social distancing and COVID-19 safety signs to ensure you can keep your operations safe.


    Why Choose 5S Floor Signs from Mighty Line Tape?

    Our products are designed to make your business function as efficiently as possible. With peel-and-stick application, applying your floor signs around the workspace has never been so easy. In addition to easy application with the 5S floor tape, several other benefits include:

    • No residue is left behind after removal
    • 5S floor tape is 50 MIL thick
    • Withstands all traffic, including forklift and truck traffic
    • A range of colors and sizes available
    • A 3-year warranty on all products
    • USA-made products

    At Mighty Line Tape, we work to create the most durable 5S floor marking signs for your space. We guarantee the highest quality products, with reliable customer service, and a quick turnaround time.


    Contact US for Top-of-the-Line 5S Floor Marking Tape

    One of the best ways to increase safety in the workplace is to provide informative 5S signs through Mighty Line Tape.

    Mighty Line Tape supplies a large range of products, including customizable 5S tape and floor signs. Some of the other products we offer include:

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team today or read through our catalog to see what is best for your space.