Custom Floor Tape

Mighty Line Tape provides quality and durability with all of our custom floor tape options. Mighty Line is the solution to those messy paint lines that don’t last, and by choosing our tape, you can easily improve your workspace. Our custom floor tape is 30 mil and made out of our sign material.

We offer custom floor tape for warehouse organization which helps increase warehouse safety. Customize your floor tape with your own words, images and colors! The customized image you create will be repeated over the length of the floor tape roll. 

You have the ability to customize tape in the following tape widths:


Looking to create your own custom floor marking tape? Choose Mighty Line as your custom tape manufacturer!

Customize Your Workspace with Our Customize It! Software


From custom floor tape to custom floor signs, Mighty Line has you covered with a variety of options. With our Customize It! software, you are able to choose your tape width, color, font, message, logo, and shape. The customizable options are endless, allowing you to create the custom floor marking tape you need for your warehouse.

In order to receive the best results, and learn the advantages of our custom-made tape and how to use our Customize It! software, check out our tutorial videos.

Choose Mighty Line Tape as Your Custom Tape Manufacturer


From custom floor tape to custom floor signs, Mighty Line Tape is here to fulfill all of the custom tape needs for your workplace. We care about your floor marking and want to ensure that you’re receiving quality and durable tape for your workplace. You are guaranteed to receive quality and durability by choosing Mighty Line as your custom tape manufacturer. 

Contact us today to get started and improve your workspace with our custom solutions!

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