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Floor Marking Dots from Mighty Line Tape (1)

New* Jumbo Dot Shape - Pack of 20 - Floor Marking 9.5"

At Mighty Line Tape, we offer a variety of products to increase safety, productivity, and organization in the workplace. From safety signs to floor tape dots to marking tape, our products serve as reliable solutions for your operations.

We carry an assortment of floor marking dots, varying in size and color, for your needs. Check out the different 5S floor tape dots we have available and how they can be of use in your facility.

5S Floor Tape Dot Options


Mighty Line floor tape dots are great for marking busy aisle ways or loading dock aisles. With peel-and-stick application, our floor tape dots are an ideal solution for 5S environments. Place a Mighty Line floor tape dot every few feet down your aisle or exit way.

Our floor marking dot options include: 

  • 1” Black Solid Dot – This solid black floor marking dot measures one-inch in size and is available in packs of 200. Built for durability, this floor tape dot is ideal for marking busy warehouse aisleways or loading docks.


    • 3.5” Yellow Solid Dot – Our solid yellow dot is available in 3.5-inch size and sold in packs of 100. Equipped with peel-and-stick application, this product can be installed quickly and easily.


    • 3.5” Black Solid Dot – Designed to increase efficiency and organization in the workplace, this floor marking dot is an ideal solution for 5S environments. Our solid black floor tape dot measures 3.5 inches in size and is available in packs of 100 dots.


    • 2.7” Yellow Solid Dot – Used for busy aisles, loading docks, or exit ways, our yellow solid floor tape dots are proven to improve safety in the workplace. Measuring 2.7 inches, this floor marking dot option is available in packages of 100.


    • 5.7” Yellow Solid Dot – Measuring 5.7 inches in width, our solid yellow floor tape dots can be placed every few feet down aisleways and exit ways to improve productivity and safety in the workplace.


    • 5.7” Orange Solid Dot – Sold in packs of 100, our solid orange floor tape dots are built for durability and backed by a 3-year warranty. This product is used frequently to outline busy aisles or loading docks.


    • ¾” Red Solid Dot – Measuring 0.75 inches, this red floor marking dot is one of the smaller options we have available. This product is ideal for maintaining efficiency and organization in industrial environments.


    • ¾” Blue Solid Dot – Our 0.75-inch solid blue floor tape dots are available in packages of 200. This product is most commonly used for marking aisles, exits, or loading docks.


    • 3.75” Yellow Solid Dot – Designed with a peel-and-stick application, our yellow floor tape dots can be installed with ease and removed without leaving behind residue.


    • 3.75” White Solid Dot – Sold in packs of 100, our solid white floor marking dots are a reliable, cost-effective solution for improving warehouse safety and organization.


    • 3.75” Red Solid Dot – Our solid red floor marking dots are 3.75 inches wide and sold in packages of 100. Built for durability in tough warehouse environments, this product is backed by a 3-year warranty. 


    • 3.75” Purple Solid Dot – Our purple floor tape dots are used to maintain organization and productivity in the workplace. With a convenient peel-and-stick application, these dots can be placed every few feet down aisleways.


    • 3.75” Orange Solid Dot – Our solid orange floor tape dot is 3.75 inches wide and available for purchase in packs of 100. This product is used to outline facility aisleways, loading docks, and exits.


    • 3.75” Green Solid Dot – Designed for durability and reliability, our solid green floor tape dots are a cost-effective solution for improving the safety conditions in industrial environments.


    • 3.75” Blue Solid Dot – This blue floor marking dot is 3.75 inches in width and sold in packs of 100 dots. This product is great for marking exits, loading docks, and busy aisles. 


    Be sure to check our additional products in this category by clicking on the numbered links below our floor dots shown above. We have additional color and sizing options available!


    Reach Out to Mighty Line Tape Today to Learn More About Our Floor Tape Dots


    Are you looking to improve your workplace safety and organization for your employees? Our floor tape dots serve as an excellent solution. To learn more about which of our floor marking dots are best suited for your environment, contact our team today.