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3-Inch Floor Tape

With tape 50 MIL thick with beveled edges for increased durability, Mighty Line Tape is proud to offer the strongest floor tape and floor marking signs on the market. This includes our line of 3-inch floor tape.

3-Inch Colored Floor Tape from Mighty Line Tape

3-inch floor tape is the perfect solution for increasing productivity and safeguarding your workplace. Our 3-inch solid color tape is available as 100-foot rolls or custom cut segments. Mighty Line Tape’s 3-inch colored floor tape is offered in ten OHSA coded colors including:

In addition to our 3-inch colored floor tape, we also offer our solid color floor tape in 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch widths.

Why Choose Mighty Line’s 3-Inch Floor Tape

At Mighty Line Tape, we are proud to provide the most durable 3-inch colored floor tape on the market. Seven times thicker than average floor tape, our 3-inch floor tape is manufactured to withstand even the heaviest of warehouse traffic and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. With a peel and stick application and easy removal, our 3-inch solid color tape is perfect for 5S, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and general floor marking in your facility to increase productivity.

Contact Mighty Line Tape About Our 3-Inch Solid Color Tape

Whether your facility needs hundreds of feet of 3-inch colored floor tape or 1-foot segments of our 3-inch floor tape, Mighty Line Tape is here for all of your tape needs! Contact us today or get help ordering your 3-inch colored tape.

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