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Social Distancing Signs and COVID-19 Signs (6)

Please Wait Here Safety Floor Sign

Maintain Distance Safety Floor Sign

Please Wait Here Safety Floor Sign

No Entry Beyond This Point Floor Sign

Social Distancing Marker 16", Social Distancing Floor Sign SKU: COVID19SocDist

Hand Washing Instructions Floor Sign - Social Distancing Floor Sign SKU: HWCOVID19

With the rise of COVID-19 or the coronavirus, it is vital to maintain good hygiene and human separation within the workplace. When it is impossible to work from home to support your business, it is very important to take special precautions in the workplace to ensure safety for your employees, partner companies, and customers.

Let’s take a look at our variety of coronavirus floor signs and everything they can provide for your company!

About Our COVID-19 Floor Signs

With some helpful floor markings and floor signs, the workplace can keep workers healthy while preventing the further spread of a virus. As we know, it is important that workers wash their hands properly, and during COVID-19 it is essential that workers maintain social separation rules whenever possible. With this in mind, we have COVID-19 floor signs covering both aspects.

Some of our social distancing signs and COVID-19 signs include:

  • Safe distance notifications
  • Floor signs to mark areas six feet or more apart
  • Employee access signs
  • Grocery store safety reminders
  • Church service safety reminders
  • Cover your cough reminders
  • Virus prevention awareness signs
  • Hand washing signs
  • Mask and glove reminders
  • Tape segments for marking off areas
  • Footprints for marking safe-distance pathways

  • Many of these products are available in a variety of colors to match either your facility’s branding or to follow 5S Color Code standards, particularly our tape segments and footprints.

    And just to ensure you don’t miss any of our available products, be sure to look for the clickable pages above and below our product listings, because we have eight pages for you to browse!


    Our Social Distancing Signs and More in Use!

    Since we’ve introduced these signs following the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had a positive response, with many workplaces valuing the help that they provide.

    For example, many hospitals use our footprints to maintain proper separation when utilizing elevators or washing stations. Also, many offices use our floor signs to remind employees how to properly wash their hands and cough into their elbows. 

    Of course, factories, warehouses, and other manufacturing and industrial facilities utilize all of our floor signs on a regular basis, with these new coronavirus floor signs merely being a new enhancement for their already safety-conscious workplaces.

    And since we are also able to supply custom floor signs for your facility, if you have something special in mind when it comes to social distancing floor signs or COVID-19 floor signs, we can provide!

    Reach Out Today!

    To keep your employees and customers safe and healthy, choose from our wide selection of signs and shapes. Additionally, many of our signs have uses beyond COVID, since during flu seasons and virus outbreaks it is very important to follow key safety recommendations. 

    For more tips on preventing the spread of viruses in the office or warehouse, please refer to OSHA's very helpful guide: OSHA3990 Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19.

    If you have questions about any of the products we offer, feel free to contact us today. We’ll be happy to help!