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A Guide to 5S Floor Tape Colors for Lean Manufacturing

A Guide to 5S Floor Tape Colors for Lean Manufacturing

Matt Nieszczur
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At Mighty Line Tape, we recognize that workplaces with clear and logical communication tend to operate more safely and efficiently. This is why we offer a variety of 5S floor tape colors and safety products that will decrease injuries and increase the overall productivity of your facility.

A Customer Review of Mighty Line floor tape and Mighty Line Floor Signs


Our Mighty Lne Guide to a Safe and Efficient Workplace

Wondering how to go about transforming your workplace into one that is both efficient and safe? Start by considering the following: 
  • What items do you need most often, and which are unnecessary?
  • Which items should be closer to each other?
  • Which should be closer to the shipping area?
  • Where should trash cans be located? 
  • Where are the most likely collision points?
  • Which passageways tend to get blocked?
  • What are the safety hazards?

Document your answers and create a plan for your workplace. To ensure workplace organization for years to come, conduct an annual review of your plan, and revise as needed. Mighty Line offers a wider variety of 5s Floor Tape Colors. 

The Basic 5S Steps 

5S is an organization method that when properly implemented and followed can greatly improve the productivity and safety of a workplace. 5S stands for:

  • Sort – Sort through all the items in a location and leave only what is necessary.
  • Set in Order – Use 5S floor tape colors and floor markers to show workflow patterns, delineate work areas, and mark proper placement of tools, inventories, and machinery.
  • Shine – Make your workplace shine and keep employee morale high with regular cleaning. 
  • Standardize – Make a routine for your workers. Ensure that they always know what they’re supposed to do, how best to do it, and when to do it. 5S tape colors, floor signs, and placement markers can play a big role in helping standardize a workplace.
  • Sustain – Ensure that these practices are not just rules and that instead they are an integral piece of company culture.

5S Tape Colors


A key aspect of any 5S workplace is colored floor marking tape. At Mighty Line Tape, we offer 5S floor tape in a variety of colors and sizes to ensure optimal workplace organization. Our line of colored floor marking tape is made of heavy-duty materials and is equipped to handle industrial scrubbers, forklifts, truck traffic, and much more.
The 5S floor marking colors we offer, and their recommended applications are as follows:
  • Yellow – Yellow indicates safe paths for walking in a facility and is one of the most commonly used 5S tape colors.
  • Red – To designate dangerous areas and emergency exits, red floor marking tape is used.
  • Black – In 5S workplaces, black tape is used to mark finished goods areas.
  • Blue – Blue floor marking tape is used in facilities to signify zones that contain works in progress or equipment that is under repair.
  • Orange – Orange tape is used to denote products or materials that are held for inspection. 
  • Green – In a 5S workplace, green tape marks safety-related areas such as eyewash stations and safety showers.
  • White – White tape is typically used to mark off production equipment such as machines, carts, and incoming racks in a 5S facility.

These recommendations for 5S tape colors are based on industry common practice and comply with OSHA guidelines.

Additional 5S Products We Offer

In addition to 5S floor tape colors, we offer a variety of other products designed to keep your facility safe and organized. The 5S safety products we provide include:

Our safety products are commonly used in warehouses, oil and gas facilities, healthcare and hospitality environments, and a variety of other workplaces.

How to Apply 5S Floor Tape Colors and Mighty Line Safety Products

View our in depth floor marking tape how to guide here

5S floor marking colors and safety products from Mighty Line Tape are quick and easy to install in your workplace. Just follow these steps:
    1. Ensure the installation area is clean and dry, and that the temperature of the floor is above 50ºF.
    2. Adhere an edge of floor tape or sign to the floor and remove the adhesive backing as you go.
    3. Walk over the applied tape or sign to ensure a quality, long-lasting bond.
    4. Clean the tape or sign regularly to ensure maximum visibility.


Contact Us for 5S Floor Marking Colors and Other Safety Products

 Ready to improve the safety, efficiency, and profitability of your workplace? At Mighty Line Tape, we carry all the products you need to implement the 5S method at your facility. Contact us today for 5S floor tape colors or any other safety products you need.

Mighty Line 5S floor tapes are used in various settings, particularly in industrial and manufacturing environments, for several key purposes:


1-    Safety: Different colors can be used to mark pathways, work cell boundaries, and hazardous areas, helping to prevent accidents and ensure worker safety.

2-    Organization: The 5S methodology (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) aims at organizing the workplace for efficiency and effectiveness. Using different colors of floor tapes helps in distinguishing between different areas and maintaining a well-organized space.

3-    Visual Management: Color-coded floor tapes and floor signs provide visual cues that guide workers, which is especially useful in large, busy environments. This helps in quick identification of areas, leading to increased productivity and reduced time in locating items or areas.

4-    Compliance with Regulations: Certain industries have regulatory requirements for floor marking. Using specific colors can ensure compliance with these regulations.

5-    Durability and Maintenance: Mighty Line 5S floor tapes and 5s floor signage are known for their durability and ease of maintenance, which makes them suitable for high-traffic areas.


Overall, the use of different colors in Mighty Line 5S floor tapes and floor signs are crucial for enhancing safety, efficiency, and organization in various work environments. Mighty Line 5s floor marking tape products are great for kaizen, six sigma, and TIMWOODS. This 5s Color Guide should help you pick out the 5s Colors that you need for your lean manufacturing facility. If you have any questions about Mighty Line floor tape or Mighty Line floor signs give our team at ShieldMark a call.

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