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Mighty Line Floor Tapes Just Tape it


Industrial Floor Tape: Mighty Line's industrial strength floor tapes are designed for use in industrial areas, both for heavy foot and vehicle wheel traffic. The tapes feature a patented durable vinyl material with beveled edges and a rubber-based adhesive. Mighty Line offers a wide range of floor tape types, including Solid Color, Diagonal, Hazard, Reflective, Center Line, Mighty Line Tac, and Glow in the Dark, AGV center line floor tape, as well as various shapes and floor signs for 5S floor marking. Mighty Line Solid Color Floor Tapes Available




Hazard Floor Tape: Mighty Line's Hazard or Diagonal floor tape is highly visible and commonly used to mark hazardous areas or potential danger zones. The black and yellow tape is available in multiple color combinations, including red and white, green and white, black and white, blue and white, and orange and black. Mighty Line Hazard and Diagonal floor tapes Available


Reflective Center Floor Tape: Mighty Line's reflective safety tape is designed to reflect and redirect light, making it useful in low-light or dark areas. Made from metals, prisms, and glass beads, Mighty Line reflective center line tape enhances floor markings and improves visibility in a variety of settings, including aisles, walkways, loading docks, and storage zones. It can also be applied on poles and protruding objects for increased safety. Mighty Line Reflective Floor Tapes Available


Non-Skid Anti Slip Floor Tape: Mighty Line offers non-skid floor tape to prevent slip and fall accidents in various areas. This tape is known as anti-slip, anti-skid, non-skid, or traction floor tape. Mighty Line provides two types of anti-slip tapes: coarse anti-slip floor tape for stairs and slippery areas, and the diamond plate Mighty Line Tac Available  for areas with heavy traffic. Mighty Line tac floor tape is a great grip tape for industrial aisle ways or marking pedestrian boundaries. Specialty anti-slip tapes are also available, including yellow tape with "Caution Watch Your Step" floor tape. The industrial strength anti-skid tape can endure extreme working conditions, and yellow and black striped traction tape is suitable for stairs. Try the varieties of Mighty Line grip tapes and anti-slip tapes that we have to offer. 


Mighty Line Tac Tape - Heavy Duty AntiSlip Floor Tape from Mighty Line Floor Tape on Vimeo.



Glow in the Dark: Mighty Line offers glow-in-the-dark floor striping tape, also known as photo-luminescent tape, which is useful in situations where safety could be compromised if the lights go out. This thick vinyl tape contains phosphor that absorbs radiation from light and releases it back into the environment, making it visible to the human eye. Some Mighty Line glow-in-the-dark tapes can charge in under 30 minutes and will glow showing emergency. Mighty Line Glow In Dark floor tapes available


AGV Floor Tape or Centerline Floor Tape - Mighty Line centerline floor tape is a durable vinyl tape used to mark the center of aisles or pathways in industrial environments with heavy foot traffic and vehicle wheel traffic. It helps to maintain order and safety by providing a clear visual marker for workers and vehicles to follow. The center line floor tape helps with AGV vehicles that use color guides to know their areas of a warehouse. Mighty Line AGV Centerline Floor Tape Available


Vinyl Floor Tape and Painting. Stop painting and stop using thin vinyl tape and use Mighty Line floor tape. Replace thin vinyl tapes and floor painting with Mighty Line floor tape which is more durable and cost-effective. Thin vinyl tapes wear out easily and require frequent replacement, while Mighty Line's longevity results in cost savings over time. Use Mighty Line's cost-saving calculator to determine the long-term savings on labor, installation, and tear-ups. Mighty Line Cost Saving Calculator Tool


In areas with heavy traffic, floor paints and light duty floor tapes wear out quickly and require frequent replacement despite their lower cost. However, Mighty Line's heavy duty industrial floor tapes are suitable for industrial environments and can withstand heavy foot and wheel traffic, as well as industrial scrubbers. Therefore, it's important to consider the wear-and-tear hazards in your facility. Additionally, Mighty Line provides a three-year limited warranty, which can be found at the bottom of the Mighty Line website. Mighty Line Warranty