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Anti-Slip Tape (7)

AntiSlip Safety Floor Tape - 60' Roll

4" Yellow Mighty Line Tac - Traction AntiSlip Floor Tape and Grip Tape - 100' Roll

4" Yellow and Black Diagonal Mighty Line Tac - Traction AntiSlip Floor Tape - 100' Roll


At Mighty Line Tape, we understand how important safety is to each and every organization, which is why we remain an industry leader in producing industrial safety products for warehouses and other work environments.

Our products such as floor marking tape, absorbent products and floor mats, and safety floor signs are used to improve facility organization, productivity, and safety conditions. Our experienced team is committed to providing our customers with the strongest floor marking tape on the market and the highest-quality safety products available.

Ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, and other 5S manufacturing areas, our safety marking tape is built for durability and our anti-slip warehouse tape is no exception. Learn more about how this line of products is beneficial for your workplace.


Our Non-Slip Floor Tape Options


Mighty Line Tape offers a number of anti-slip floor marking tapes to enhance warehouse safety and organization for employees. If you are looking for ways to significantly decrease workplace downtime and accidents, our safety products are the perfect solution for your business operations.

Check out the anti-slip industrial tape options we offer below:

  • Anti-Slip Safety Floor Tape – 60’ Roll – This Mighty Line anti-slip floor marking tape, measuring 60 feet long, is available in yellow, black, or glow color variations. This non-slip tape features a peel-and-stick application and beveled edges to improve durability in tough industrial environments. Also, this tape is backed by a three-year warranty and comes in 2”, 3”, 4”, and 6” width options.



  • 3” Yellow with Black Chevrons Anti-Slip Floor Tape – 60’ Roll – Backed with a three-year warranty, this anti-slip floor tape is equipped for harsh industrial environments. Beveled edges allow for increased durability and a peel-and-stick application allows for easy installation. This non-slip tape option, featuring a 3” width, can help to improve warehouse safety.



  • 6” Yellow with Black Chevrons Anti-Slip Floor Tape – 60’ Roll – Backed by a three-year warranty, this non-slip floor marking tape variation can withstand even the harshest warehouse environments. Designed for easy installation and increased durability, this product is highly recommended for improving safety in your workplace.

Contact Mighty Line Tape for All of Your Anti-Slip Floor Tape Needs

If you are interested in learning more about how our non-slip industrial tape can benefit your industrial work environment, contact us at Mighty Line Tape today. We also encourage you to check out the various other safety products we offer.