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Striped Floor Tape from Mighty Line (0)

Striped Floor Tape from Mighty Line

Mighty Line Tape products are built to withstand the toughest of working conditions, making them a great, durable option for almost any warehouse, factory, or industrial workspace. Our center line floor tape is a solid color tape that is generally used to indicate aisleways and mark off specific areas.

Benefits of Our Center Line Floor Tape

Mighty Line Tape products come with many benefits. Our striped floor tape, along our many other products, have stood the test of time in workspaces across the USA. Some advantages of purchasing center line floor tape from Mighty Line Tape include:

  • Beveled edges that prevent peeling and improve durability
  • Materials that are long lasting and durable in the harshest environments
  • All products equipped with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Tapes available in a variety of widths and colors
  • You avoid the mess and permanency of painted floors
  • Peel-and-stick adhesive leaves zero residue upon removal
  • Patented products that are proudly made in the USA

How to Apply Floor Tape with Center Lines

Center line floor tape is most effectively applied to a clean, dry surface in an environment that is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. For the best results, we recommend using a degreaser or denatured alcohol to prepare surfaces.

Once your surface has been properly prepared, simply peel the backing off your striped floor tape and apply. It’s that simple! You can also pick up one of our floor tape applicators for a seamless and mess-free application.

Center Line Floor Tape Colors and Widths

Our striped floor tape is available to use in a number of 5S colors including orange with blue stripe, yellow with black stripe, yellow with blue stripe, and red with white stripe. Within these variations, you can choose from either a 2-inch or 4-inch width, and each of our striped floor tape rolls are 100 feet long. Contact us to learn about wholesale pricing when you purchase in bulk!

Striped Floor Tape Is Part of Our Massive Inventory of Floor Tape Products!

In addition to our variety of striped floor tapes, Mighty Line Tape also carries a variety of other floor tape products, 5S floor shapes, and floor signs. Some of our most popular products include:

The Mighty Line Tape Difference

Whether you’ve purchased our floor tape with center lines before, or you are placing an order for the first time, we look forward to showing you the Mighty Line Tape difference. We stand behind each of our products and guarantee their quality and durability.

We’re proud to carry one of the toughest floor tapes on the market and work with a network of dealers across the USA to ensure your products get to you in a timely fashion. When you order through us, you can be confident in your purchase!

Place an Order for Striped Floor Tape Today!

At Mighty Line Tape, we want to help you improve your workspace. Whether that be with our center line floor tape, our safety signs, or our 5S shapes, we want to work with you to create a safer environment for your employees.

Contact us for more information about our products or to discuss placing an order today!

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