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Mini Corner Floor Markers (10)

3/4" Wide Solid Yellow Mini Corner – Pack of 108

3/4" Wide Solid White Mini Corner – Pack of 108

3/4" Wide Solid Red Mini Corner – Pack of 108

3/4" Wide Solid Purple Mini Corner – Pack of 108

3/4" Wide Solid Orange Mini Corner – Pack of 108

3/4" Wide Solid Green Mini Corner – Pack of 108

3/4" Wide Solid Gray Mini Corner – Pack of 108

3/4" Wide Solid Brown Mini Corner – Pack of 108

3/4" Wide Solid Blue Mini Corner – Pack of 108

Mighty Line Floor Tape Mini Corners


Our Selection of Mini Corners for Warehouse Floors

At Mighty Line Tape, we recognize how important safety is in a facility, which is why we offer reliable products such as our mini corner floor marking options. By implementing our ¾”-wide solid mini floor tape corners into your facility, you can effectively guide your workers and keep track of where things belong.

These can mark spaces where moving equipment or pallets belong, providing visual instructions for workers. Sold in a pack of 108, you can find various uses and benefits by incorporating our corners throughout your warehouse.

Benefits of Our Mini Corner Floor Marking

By purchasing our mini corner floor markers, you will be promoting a safe and orderly facility, which ultimately leads to increased productivity. In addition to these advantages, by working with Mighty Line Tape, you’ll also reap benefits that include:

  • Peel-and-stick adhesive that leaves behind no residue
  • Heavy-duty material that is 50 MIL thick
  • Products that withstand forklifts, industrial scrubbers, and heavy traffic
  • Tape that is patented and made in the USA
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • Wide selection of colors to choose from

Create a 5S Environment with Mighty Line’s Mini Corner Floor Markers

The 5S concept was created so that you could greatly improve your workplace functionality, leading to increased safety, productivity, and profitability. With a combination of practicing the 5S method and utilizing our mini corner floor tape, you’ll be on your way to a lean workplace in no time.

In order to be successful, you’ll want to follow these five basic steps:

  • Sort – Go through all your items and leave only what is necessary.
  • Set in Order – Take this time to use 5S tape colors and mini corner floor markers to show workflow patterns and mark proper placement of tools, inventories, and machinery.
  • Shine – Ensure that you are regularly cleaning your workplace so that it stays shining, keeping the employee morale high.
  • Standardize – Create a routine for your workers, so that they always know what they are supposed to be doing. For this step, these colors and placement markers can play a major, helpful role.
  • Sustain – Make sure that your approach remains part of your company culture and is not seen as just a rule to follow.

Contact Mighty Line Tape for Mini Corner Floor Tape

Are you interested in learning how to enhance your facility with mini corners for warehouse floors? Reach out to our team today with any questions or suggestions on where to start. We’d be more than happy to help!