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Mighty Line floor tape  is a brand manufactured in the USA by ShieldMark Inc. ShieldMark Inc. is a family business that sells its Mighty Line products worldwide through its dedicated nationwide dealer networks. Mighty Line floor marking tape  specializes in providing industrial floor marking solutions, such as floor tape, floor signage, 5s floor tape shapes, and the Mighty Liner floor tape applicator. 

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Why Try Mighty Line Floor Tape

What is Mighty Line floor tape brand, and what products do they offer?

  • Mighty Line Floor Tape: Our flagship floor tape is the Mighty Line brand. Mighty Line floor tape is a durable and heavy-duty floor marking tape available in various colors and sizes.
  • This tape was designed for industrial use but is used in a a variety of applications to retail, schools, distribution centers, manufacturing and lean manufacturing.
  • Mighty Line floor tape and floor signs are often used to promote 5s and Safety inside facilities.
  • Mighty Line is 50 Mil thick and is rated for anti-microbial and ESD/ Antistatic as well.


  •  Mighty Line Floor Signs: Pre-cut and pre-shaped signs that could be applied directly to the floor. These signs served as visual cues for traffic flow, hazard warnings, aisle marking, and other safety-related information.
  • Mighty Line floor signs are heavy duty and they lay flat.
  • Mighty Line floor signs are also able to clean easily compared to the competition.
  • Mighty Line Floor Marking Shapes: Pre-cut Mighty Line 5s shapes such as arrows, dots, footprints, and corners / angles are used for specific floor marking purposes, such as indicating walking paths, identifying storage areas, and highlighting caution zones, and pallet areas, and other 5s areas.
  • Another new product that is helping warehouses is the heavy duty clear label protectors and rolls. 
  •  Mighty Line Safety Products: In addition to floor marking solutions, Mighty Line offered various safety-related products such as safety signs, anti-slip tapes, reflective tapes, and other safety accessories.

 How does Mighty Line's floor marking tape compare to traditional floor painting methods?

  • Mighty Line's floor marking tape is easier to install, more durable, and offers greater flexibility compared to traditional floor painting methods.
  • It requires minimal downtime, provides clean lines, and can be removed with minimal residue when it is time to redo lines. It is not permanent compared to painting aisle markings.

Mighty Line Floor Tape VS Painting Lines  


Is Mighty Line's floor tape durable and suitable for  industrial environments?

  • Mighty Line's floor tape is durable and suitable for heavy industrial environments. Read the variety of reviews about Mighty Line and the support that they offer here.

Mighty Line floor tape reviews ( If you can leave a review on Mighty Line we would greatly appreciate it)

Are Mighty Line's products easy to install and remove?

  • Mighty Line's products are easy to install and remove. Watch the install video or read the installations here Mighty Line install guide here 
  • Mighty line leaves minimal residue when it is time to remove.

Watch the video below to show our floor marking tape installation and read the guide with some useful tips and tricks. 


 If you need help email support@mightylinetape.com or call / text us at (440) 895-9980. 

What colors and sizes are available for Mighty Line's floor tapes?

  • Mighty Line offers a wide variety of solid color floor tapes, diagonal floor tapes, center line floor tape, glow in the dark floor tape, Anti-slip floor tape like Mighty Line Tac. Mighty Line offers clear floor tape.
  • Mighty Line is available in 1", 2",3", 4" and 6" widths . You can view the whole catalog of colors here


Does Mighty Line's products comply with safety regulations and standards?

  • Mighty Line's floor marking tape products were designed to meet various safety regulations and standards relevant to floor marking in industrial and commercial environments.  Mighty Line is often used to help promote safety and OSHA regulations. They aimed to ensure that their floor tapes and other products complied with industry-specific safety requirements. View our Mighty Line floor marking 5s Guide here

How does Mighty Line's floor marking tape improve workplace safety and 5s organization?

  • Mighty Line's floor marking tape improves workplace safety and organization by providing clear hazard identification, traffic guidance, and 5s visual communication. It enhances efficiency, meets safety regulations for OSHA, and offers durable aisle markings and floor signage.


 What surfaces are suitable for applying Mighty Line's floor tape?

  • Mighty Line's floor tape is designed to adhere to a wide range of surfaces commonly found in industrial and commercial environments. Some suitable surfaces for applying Mighty Line's floor tape include:
  1. Concrete floors
  2. Epoxy-coated floors
  3. Vinyl floors
  4. Tile floors
  5. Polished or sealed floors
  6. Metal surfaces
  7. Some types of painted floors
  • Before applying Mighty Line's floor tape, it's essential to ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free of any debris or contaminants that could hinder proper adhesion. Additionally, testing a small area is recommended to ensure compatibility and adhesion with the specific surface material. Make sure you read the warranty and installation instructions online.

Does Mighty Line offer custom floor tape solutions or designs?

  • Mighty Line offers custom floor tape and custom floor signs. This comes with a longer lead time and available through our dealer network.


Are there any customer reviews or testimonials available for Mighty Line's products?

  • Mighty Line customers over the last 17 plus years has received numerous great reviews by end users and dealers. We are a small family business so we greatly appreciate any of the feedback users can post. You can read and submit Mighty Line reviews here  on our website. 
Mighty Line google reviews

Does Mighty Line offer any warranty or satisfaction guarantee on their products?

How can I order Mighty Line's products, and what are the shipping options?

  • Mighty Line is available worldwide through our dedicated dealer network. Mighty Line has multiple stocking locations to help improve lead times on orders in the USA. Mighty Line has a warehouse in Cleveland OH/ Liberty Indiana/ And Reno Nevada/  Mighty Line locations

Are there any specific cleaning or maintenance instructions for Mighty Line's floor tape?

Can Mighty Line's floor marking tape be used in outdoor environments?

  • Mighty Line floor tape can be outside outdoors in certain applications we recommend VSeal 102 to be applied before to help prevent moisture getting to the adhesive. 


 What are some New Mighty Line Products?

  • Mighty Line has introduced our Mighty Line heavy duty clear label protectors / Mighty Line Tac floor tape and heavy duty Mighty Line location markers. 

Mighty Line Tac - Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Floor Marking Tape

 Mighty Line Heavy Duty Clear Label Protectors 


 Mighty Line Location Markers