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The Impact of Safety on Your Facility: A Chain Reaction

The Impact of Safety on Your Facility: A Chain Reaction

Matt Nieszczur
6 minute read

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On today’s episode, we’re going to be covering how safety impacts your facility.

WOW! Today marks a milestone that’s not hit by a lot of podcasts. We’ve updated our podcast every week for two years straight! And we have our listeners to thank for it! Without you, we couldn’t continue bringing valuable Warehouse Safety Tips to you and your facilities!

What does it take to make this consistency possible? Knowledge and action. The knowledge is that we stated we’d deliver a weekly podcast. The action is that if we don’t, we’ve let you down and you won’t receive information that could potentially keep you safer at your facility.

Our title this week is “The Chain Reaction of Safety”, and it covers how safety impacts your facility. The same consistency mentioned above in regard to our podcast applies to your application of safety.

In my personal life, I find myself trying new diets, health routines, and exercises. Many of them come with the same statement of reliability. It goes something like this. Whether you follow or don’t follow the program, it has very predictable results. Now, what does that mean? Simply put, the program is designed for success, but you have to follow it to the letter for it to work. One simple example of this from that health world of mine might be sneaking a cookie when nobody is looking. If you’re told not to eat cookies on the program, should you expect it to work after you’ve snuck a cookie? No.

The same is true of safety. You’re told to wear PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) whenever and wherever applicable. If nobody is looking and you decide to take off your safety glasses, should you expect your eyes to be kept safe? No. Since we like to keep our episodes short and to the point, the chain reaction we cover in the following examples will be very high level, but should get our point across. Here’s the chain reaction of safety.

  • You’re instructed why and what to do to be safe.

  • You put what you’ve learned into consistent positive action.

  • Safety numbers are high and incident numbers are low.

  • Production times aren’t interrupted.

  • Your facility profits.

There are too many moving parts to cover everything above, but in essence, your “How Many Days Since an Incident” board should start reaching double and triple digits. Unfortunately, the same is true of not adhering to safety.

  • You’re instructed why and what to do to be safe.

  • You neglect what you’ve learned because you play by your own rules.

  • Safety numbers are low and incident numbers are high.

  • Production times are constantly interrupted due to incidents.

  • Your facility loses money.

How do you think your “How Many Days Since an Incident” board will look by not adhering to safety? It’ll probably never leave single digits. At the end of the day, our goals are to have you, your fellow employees, and your facility stay safe. We hope you share this goal and do your part to consistently make it a priority.

We look forward to seeing you next week for the start of our 3rd Season!

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