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New Mighty Line Products
New Mighty Line Safety Floor Tape and Floor Marking Tape Products. Our Heavy Duty Mighty Line floor tape products are engineered to hold up to industrial traffic. Mighty Line is made in the USA and is sold worldwide. Try Mighty Line today and request a free sample pack. 

Mighty Line 5s Floor Marking Tape Products from Mighty Line Floor Tape on Vimeo.

Mighty Line 5s Floor Tape products are great for marking different areas in your warehouse. Our 5s floor marking products can be used to mark different safety areas, machinery, 5s areas, and other areas that need to be marked. Stop painting your marking ways and use Mighty Line 5s Floor marking products.

Mighty Line offers a variety of 5s products for Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, and Six Sigma facilities. Mighty Line offers a wide variety of safety signs, Caution Sign, hazard signage, safety signage, no smoking sign, fire signage, and custom floor signs.

Mighty Line floor tape is the most durable floor tape in the market and you can get free samples here at