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Mighty Line Floor Tape and Floor Signs with Fastenal

Mighty Line Floor Tape and Floor Signs with Fastenal

Alec Goecke Alec Goecke
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Mighty Line floor marking tape and  Fastenal have worked together for years. Our sales staff was excited to be able to walk the floor with Fastenal to see how our floor tape and floor signs were holding up in a large warehouse. 

This Fastenal location has done a wonderful job with selling our Mighty Line floor tapes, 5s shapes and floor signs. The customer wanted a Fastenal - Mighty Line stocked vending machine. 

You can view all our Mighty Line products on https://www.fastenal.com/

Mighty Line floor tape and floor signages applied to the industrial floor.

You can learn more about Mighty Line floor marking tape and 5s shapes, floor signs and our new Mighty Line tac floor tape at https://mightylinetape.com/pages/about-us-floor-tape


Looking to increase measures to help with safety in your workplace? Try one of Mighty Line’s caution or stope floor signage or check out the variety of safety floor signs that we offer.

These helpful floor marking signs are used to increase safety in the workplace. We know how essential signage has become in the workplace in order to help maintain safety and 5s lean principles, and our floors signs meet those needs.

Our Safety floor signage includes:

  • Stop Floor Signage
  • Keep Clear Floor Signage
  • Forklift traffic forklift signage
  • Trash Can floor signs
  • Pedestrian only floor signs
  • Arrow floor floor marking tape shapes
  • Footprints floor tape shapes
  • Embossed Mighty Line Tac floor tape for safety aisle ways 

Many of these safety signs come in a variety of colors and sizes. Help promote safety in your workplace by simply implementing floor signage for your workers and customers.

Mighty Line offers a wide variety of shapes and colors and floor marking signage

Mighty Line floor signage vending machine below:

If you are interested in buying Mighty Line through Fastenal you can see the Fastenal catalog below.

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