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3" YELLOW Solid Color Tape - 100' Roll - Safety Floor Tape

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Try our patented Mighty Line Safety Floor Tape 3 inch by 100 foot yellow industrial floor marking tape.

Our Mighty Line floor tapes come with a 3 year limited warranty. Our Mighty Line peel and stick floor tapes have beveled edges and can be used in industrial facilities. Mighty Line Yellow floor tape is great for 5s, lean manufacturing, six sigma, and floor marking tape applications. ShieldMark the manufacturer of Mighty Line introduced beveled edge floor tape since 2002. This floor tape is also available in 2", 3" and 4" widths.

Part Number: 3RY

UPC: 815035010265

Mighty Line 3" Yellow Floor Tape- Why Try Mighty Line? Beveled Edges and Durability. Made in the USA. The best floor marking tape products out there!


Venturing into the realm of floor marking tape solutions, this thorough review highlights the outstanding features of Mighty Line Floor Tape. Celebrated for its robust industrial floor tape durability and adaptability, Mighty Line emerges as the top pick for effectively demarcating warehouse and other areas

Crafted with precision in the USA by ShieldMark Inc., Mighty Line Floor Tape revolutionizes the use of tape for floor marking.

Its unparalleled durability and flexibility outperform traditional painting methods, enduring the rigorous demands of wheel traffic in heavy industrial environments. The installation and maintenance of Mighty Line's industrial floor tape are remarkably straightforward, leaving behind little to no residue. This advanced floor taping product not only meets essential safety standards but also elevates workplace safety and operational efficiency, workplace safety and organization through clear hazard identification and traffic guidance.

Mighty Line's array of floor marking tape products, including non-slip and reflective floor tape options, caters to diverse safety needs. From hazard and anti-slip to glow-in-the-dark and AGV center line floor tapes, these solutions offer high-visibility and robustness, surpassing traditional floor paints and vinyl tapes in high-traffic areas.

Types of Floor Tape

The robust lineup of Mighty Line's heavy duty floor marking tape is designed to fulfill various industrial and safety demands. Each variant of the industrial floor tape is crafted to deliver peak performance, with standout durability, visibility, and adherence in high-traffic zones.

Solid Color and Diagonal Floor Tapes:

    • Used for demarcating specific areas, creating lanes, aisle marking and highlighting safety hazards.
    • Mighty Line's floor tape collection impresses with a vibrant spectrum of colors, providing options like yellow, red, blue, white, green, purple, safety orange, black, and brown to enhance visual communication and safety.
    • Mighty Line's black and yellow diagonal pattern is a hallmark of effective hazard marking, blending functionality with visual appeal. The durable, diagonal floor tapes are also available in an array of color combinations, such as white/green, white/blue, white/red, white/black, yellow/magenta, and orange/black, for diverse marking needs.

Specialty Floor Tapes:

    • Glow in the Dark Floor Tape: Charges under light and illuminates pathways or exits in low-light conditions.
    • Anti-Slip Tape: For areas that demand heightened safety, the mighty line floor tape comes in non-slip variants, such as coarse and diamond plate textures, offering anti-slip properties to ensure superior grip and stability in high-traffic or potentially wet environments. Consider the New Mighty Line Tac tape for its anti-slip performance, as it complies with the rigorous ASTM standards for both wet and dry conditions.
    • 4" Yellow and Black Diagonal Mighty Line Tac - Traction  AntiSlip Floor Tape - 100' Roll
    • Reflective Floor Tape: Features a honeycomb prismatic pattern, ideal for low-light environments to ensure high visibility.

Application-Specific Tapes:

    • AGV Center Line Tape: Supports automated guided vehicles by providing clear path markings and two color contrast to help AGV cameras.

Each variant of flooring tape, including the mighty line floor tape, is designed with a specific purpose in mind, from bolstering safety with safety floor tape to facilitating smooth traffic flow with AGV compatible tapes. Mighty Line's commitment to excellence is evident in their wide-ranging selection, which caters to diverse industrial requirements while emphasizing workplace safety and efficiency.

Key Features to Consider

Choosing Mighty Line Floor Tape for your facility comes with several key features that ensure a decision well-suited to your unique needs. These features not only underscore the product's durability but also affirm the industrial floor tape's esteemed reputation for quality, durability and versatility but also its compliance with safety standards and ease of use.

Durability and Warranty:

    • Mighty Line Floor Tape's robustness is further reinforced by a 3-year limited warranty, underscoring the brand's pledge to deliver industrial floor tape products that are both durable and reliable in demanding settings. It's important to familiarize yourself with the details of the 3-year limited warranty.
    • While not designed for outdoor use, Mighty Line Floor Tape can endure such conditions with proper precautions. For outdoor applications, it's crucial to consult our guidelines on outdoor sealer techniques to ensure optimal performance.
    • Engineered specifically for floor marking, the mighty line floor tape surpasses traditional options by providing the essential durability and heavy duty floor tape strength needed in industrial settings.
    • Optimal for areas frequented by wheel traffic, the mighty line floor tape is synonymous with resilience. The bevel edge floor tape design of Mighty Line ensures a seamless bond to the floor, enhancing its durability.
    • Key attributes such as industrial grade strength and a pressure-sensitive adhesive contribute to the durability of Mighty Line floor tape, even in the demanding environment of industrial conditions.
  • Safety and Compliance:
    • Complies with OSHA or ANSI specifications for safety or vehicle route boundaries, crucial for workplace safety.
    • The diverse tape width and adhesive backing of Mighty Line floor tape cater to various needs, while its design prevents curling at the edges, guaranteeing a secure and enduring placement.
    • Specialty tapes (e.g., anti-slip, glow-in-the-dark) enhance visibility and safety in specific scenarios.

Choosing the right industrial floor tape involves assessing Mighty Line Floor Tape's features against the specific demands and goals of your facility. Considerations like traffic levels, environmental factors, and adherence to regulations are pivotal in selecting the ideal 5s floor tape shapes.

Top Uses for Mighty Line Floor Tape

Mighty Line floor tape's versatility extends beyond industrial applications to educational settings, creative spaces, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing, retail, government buildings and schools/ universities, demonstrating its adaptability and effectiveness in enhancing safety and organization through visual signals in diverse environments. Read our 5s floor marking tape guide

  • Educational Institutions:
    • Directing traffic flow in cafeterias and common areas to maintain order.
    • Marking out areas for indoor sports events or activities, fostering an engaging learning environment.
  • Maker Spaces:
    • Color-coding tools and equipment areas for efficient organization and clean-up.
    • Enhancing safety with visual cues for equipment use and storage.
    • Creating dynamic spaces for testing creations such as agv robots 
  • Schools / Universities/ Hospitals:
    • Guiding tours with color-coded lines or arrows for an immersive visitor experience.
    • Streamlining exit and entering processes with clear visual cues.
    • Utilizing custom-printed floor signs for teaching egress patterns.

Mighty Line's extensive range of industrial-strength floor tapes, featuring hazard, anti-slip, and glow-in-the-dark options, reflects the brand's commitment to providing high-visibility and resilient safety floor tape solutions suitable for various settings.

Installation Tips - Read Our Guide

For the best performance in installing Mighty Line Floor Tape, prioritizing durability and strong adherence is crucial. A methodical installation process will ensure the tape is applied smoothly and holds effectively.

Preparation and Application:

  • Surface Cleaning:
    • Begin the Mighty Line Floor Tape application by cleaning the surface with the brand's eco-friendly, non-chlorine based cleaner. This initial step is essential to eliminate any dirt, allowing for proper adherence of the floor tape.
    • Conducting a moisture test with industrial stretch wrap and duct tape is a wise strategy in areas prone to dampness. This proactive step is essential to uncover any moisture issues that could compromise the effectiveness of the Mighty Line Floor Tape.
  • Tape Application:
    • Choose Mighty Line Dots or Segments in high-traffic areas for easy replacement.
    • The easy application of Mighty Line Floor Tape is straightforward: peel the backing, unroll the tape onto your desired area, press down to adhere firmly, and use a box cutter or scissors to remove any excess, ensuring it's securely fastened to the floor.

Maintenance Tips:

  • To preserve the adhesive quality of Mighty Line Floor Tape, it's imperative to clean it routinely with recommended products such as Mighty Line Cleaner or denatured alcohol. This care ensures the tape's longevity and maintains its strong bond.
  • For a clean removal process of damaged Mighty Line Floor Tape, simply lay the new strip over the old one, cut through both layers for a perfect fit, and remove the surplus. This method ensures a neat and efficient tape replacement.

Additional Considerations:

  • Ensure the floor temperature is above 50°F for optimal adhesive bonding.
  • Avoid using heavy acidic cleaners and dragging skids across the tape.
  • Explore customization options for a tailored floor marking solution, utilizing Mighty Line's customization software for high-resolution or vector files.

Maintenance and Removal

Maintaining Mighty Line Floor Tape in pristine condition is crucial for a safe and organized work environment. Follow these essential maintenance steps and adhere to the recommended removal process to enhance the tape's efficiency and durability.


  • Regular Inspections: Performing regular inspections of Mighty Line Floor Tape is crucial, particularly in high-traffic zones, to ensure its visibility and functionality remain intact, thus contributing to a safer workplace.
  • Cleaning: For the optimal care of Mighty Line Floor Tape, it's recommended to use approved cleaners like Mighty Line Cleaner or denatured alcohol. Avoiding harsh chemicals is key to maintaining the tape's adhesive integrity and performance.
  • Prevent Damage: To prolong the tape's life of your mighty line floor tape, it's advisable to refrain from dragging heavy objects across it. This simple measure can protect the tape from premature wear, ensuring its continued effectiveness and longevity.

Removal Process:

  • Clean Removal: Mighty line floor tape is designed for hassle-free removal, allowing for a clean lift from surfaces even after prolonged use. Start by carefully lifting an edge with a slim tool to experience this convenience.

  • the removal of mighty line floor tape is a breeze; just gently pull upwards from a lifted edge in a slow, controlled manner. Thanks to the tape's industrial strength, it comes off in one piece without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Switching to Mighty Line Floor Tape enhances safety and organization, marking a significant upgrade from traditional floor painting methods. This transition not only promotes a safer environment but also streamlines organization within any space and giving cost savings. The ease of maintenance and the clean removal process are among the standout advantages that make Mighty Line the top selection for floor marking in demanding industrial settings. These key benefits highlight why Mighty Line is the go-to for maintaining order and cleanliness.

Why Mighty Line Floor Tape and Floor Signs?

Mighty Line Floor Tape - renowned for their robustness and flexibility, Mighty line floor tape and floor signs adhere to 5S standards, making them indispensable for enhancing efficiency and safety in diverse workspaces and warehouses. Choosing Mighty Line floor line tape products, including 5S tape, is a smart decision for any facility.

Floor Tape Stop Sign Stickers From Mighty Line Product

Durability and Warranty:

    • Heavy-Duty and Industrial-Grade: Boasting an impressive lifespan, Mighty line floor tape is crafted to withstand heavy foot traffic and forklift operations for up to three years, a testament to its exceptional durability.
    • : A testament to their confidence in product longevity and performance. Make sure to read the 3 year limited warranty on Mighty Line to ensure the ground tape lasts.

Variety and Customization:

    • Wide Range of Floor Tape Products: Our Mighty Line product line boasts an array of stop floor signs, available in multiple sizes to suit various needs and spaces, all while upholding the high-quality standards synonymous with Mighty Line floor tape.
    • Customization Options: Allows for personalization with company logos and specific messages, enhancing brand visibility and compliance.

Made in the USA:

    • Quality Assurance: Proudly manufactured in the United States, Mighty Line floor tape products adhere to stringent quality standards, bolstering the local economy while delivering exceptional performance.
    • Efficient Alternative: Provides a cleaner, quicker solution compared to traditional floor painting, saving time and resources.

Mighty Line's commitment to producing top-tier, American-made safety solutions is evident in their comprehensive selection, including the acclaimed Mighty Line floor tape, which comes with a robust 3 year limited warranty, solidifying their status as a top pick for businesses aiming to improve workplace safety and efficiency. Mighty Line is sold through many online tape stores, and worldwide dedicated dealer network.


Q: What is the method for applying Mighty Line tape?
The installation process for Mighty Line floor tape is designed for simplicity: clean the area, measure and cut the tape, peel the backing, and secure the tape to the floor, ensuring it sticks firmly for reliable, long-term use.

Q: Can you explain how Mighty Line tape functions?
The durability of Mighty Line tape in demanding industrial environments is attributed to its strong adhesive backing, ensuring it adheres steadfastly to floors, thereby creating lasting, highly visible lines that enhance organization and safety in diverse workspaces. Mighty Line tape marking is durable and built to last.

Q: What are the steps for using floor marking tape?
For optimal application of floor marking tape, ensure the surface is spotless and dry. Measure and cut the Mighty Line floor tape, remove the backing, and apply the tape smoothly to the floor to prevent air pockets and achieve secure adhesion. Mighty Line is one of best tape for floors. You can use a floor taper like the Mighty Like the Mighty Liner floor tape applicator to apply the tape on the floor. It is versatile and applies the warehouse floor tape to the concrete.

Q: What is the significance of the different colors of floor marking tape?
The colors of Mighty Line floor tape serve a purpose beyond aesthetics; they communicate critical information. Blue, green, and black indicate areas for raw materials, finished products, and work-in-progress, respectively, while red and white stripes designate spaces that must remain clear for safety or OSHA / NFPA 101 regulatory reasons.

Q: What is tape should we use to tape floor?
Mighty line floor tape yellow is one of the most common tape floor tapes. Floor marking tape yellow is sold in 4 widths. The yellow floor tape is available in 2", 3", 4" and 6" widths. Mighty Line offers a wide variety of floor safety tape to fit your needs and outperforms thin floor vinyl tape. Most thin vinyl floor tape users replace 3 to 6 times a year.

Short summary

Mighty Line Floor Tape is a superior choice for floor marking in industrial settings. Manufactured in the USA, the tape is durable, adaptable, and user-friendly. It surpasses traditional painting techniques and is available in a wide range of safety products including non-slip and reflective tapes, as well as solid color and diagonal tapes for specific demarcation purposes.

Key Features:

  • Durability and Warranty: The tape comes with a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Application-Specific Design: The tape is engineered for optimal performance in industrial environments.
  • Safety and Compliance: The tape follows OSHA or ANSI specifications for safety.

Types of Floor Tape:

  1. Solid Color and Diagonal Floor Tapes: Used for area demarcation, lane creation, aisle marking, and hazard highlighting.
  2. Specialty Tapes: Include Glow in the Dark, Anti-Slip, and Reflective tapes.
  3. Mighty Line Floor Signs and 5s Shapes provide the ultimate 5s Floor Marking Solution

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