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SprinkGUARD LLC - Business Innovation EP 28

SprinkGUARD LLC - Business Innovation EP 28

David Tabar David Tabar
8 minute read

Hello everyone, this is Dave with Mighty Line Minute. We've got an interesting series this month. We're talking about Innovation in America. We were able to meet at the NFPA conference. And I've got with me a company that I'm really proud to introduce, which is SprinkGuard of Mishawaka, Indiana. And with me today, I've got Matt Hunsberger, President and CEO. Matt, good to have you here on the show. (Good to be here.) What inspired me about this company is that they're innovators. They fit the bill for what we want to talk about, and I'd like you to hear a little bit more about them, what they do and how they got started. Matt, you want to talk about your company?

First of all, I appreciate you letting me be a part of it. So it's really good to be here. Thank you. (Yeah) So SprinkGuard, we offer an industrial strength, sprinkler head guard. We replace the wire baskets that you traditionally see on sprinkler heads. We attach directly to the supply line, which is different than the other ones that attach directly to the head. So, our guards do not contact the sprinkler head. So, if they're ever hit, we have created the guards, so it'll lock out and stop on the line. So, it creates that stop point so it doesn't hit the sprinkler head. 

It impressed me when I first saw your booth when we met at another show that, in my years in building warehouses, dealing with safety and fire and equipment, I can't tell you how many times we had warehouses that had problems with accidents. People knocking the baskets. And it's funny, it's one of those things. When you write a spec, we would always write in, put in the sprinkler guard. But you'd never know what you'd get. And when you saw what they were, they could be bent. They could get deformed. And they never really were designed or intended to prevent what really goes on in a warehouse. 

Yeah. Well, I had a fire protection professional tell me years ago, he said, “You know, your guard is an actual function. The other guards are just a term.” So, I thought that was a pretty good description of it. We actually function and do something. 

Well, I, if anyone has seen their logo, it's a great one. It's "Built Different." And there's not a better logo than that describing your company. 

Yeah, I mean it does, it sums up the guard. We try and be completely different from the industry standard. We like to think that we're now the new standard. 

Are many large companies using this in their facilities? 

They are, some I can't mention contractually, but yeah, I know Target, I can mention them. We've used Target, Kroger, there's a lot of interest from other companies we haven't worked with yet. But I think we're gaining that momentum. The more we get out in the market and create that exposure, people are saying, “Hey, you know what? These might cost a little more than the basket. But it actually saves us money in the long run.” So, yeah, we're working with a lot of large companies. We work with a lot of small schools and universities as well as residential, too. So, I mean, just about anywhere you have a sprinkler head, you have the opportunity for that to have an accidental activation. 

So, so is it mostly in-rack sprinklers or do you do beyond in-rack sprinklers? 

I mean, it's, it's everything. Yeah. So, we do sidewalls in hotels. We'll do gymnasiums. We have an open system, and the in-rack is picking up steam. 

I was looking at my sidewall sprinkler at my hotel this morning and the little sign they have up above it that says, "Do not hang from the sprinkler head." It's like, who would do that? 

You're almost inviting people to do it though like, “Oh, I think I'll do that anyways, you know. You've kind of drawn my attention to it.” 

But I think it's a wonderful product. I will take the opportunity to illustrate some examples of the specific products. Where can people learn more about what you do, and the product itself? 

Yeah. So our website's a great place to start www.SprinkGuard.com. I know people don't use the www anymore, but SprinkGuard. com is a great place to start. All of our literature, videos, installation videos, all of our testimonials, our UL and FM approvals are on there as well. So that's a great place to start. 

Wonderful. So, we can be assured that it meets FM, meets UL, and therefore it's code compliant? (Yes) 

So, we don't have problems with spray patterns or interference. And that's the interesting thing about the testing process. People always ask us, it's really three-fold. It is spray pattern, it's a fire strength test, and then it's actually a strength test. So, all three of those are covered in the testing, and we've passed for Reliable, Viking, Tyco. It's in an upright and pendant position, in various different K factors. And we're continuing to add listings or certifications as we can.

So, the sprinkler itself would have to be Listed (compatible) to the guard? 

Yep, that's very important and we understand what that means to the industry, right? We're about saving property and lives as an industry, right? So, that's very important to us to have those approvals.

Well, I love the mission here and I'm so glad folks that you had the opportunity to learn more about SprinkGuard. And hey, thanks for having us on today. 

Yeah, thank you so much. 

I love this company. Take a look at them. Take a look at their website. And if you haven't used anything like this, I'd give it a try.

Thanks. Have a Mighty Day!


Spotlight on SprinkGUARD LLC


This month, we are diving into the theme of Innovation in America, and I am thrilled to introduce you to SprinkGuard, a company that truly embodies innovation in the fire protection industry. Based in Mishawaka, Indiana, SprinkGuard offers a groundbreaking solution to a common problem in warehouses and other facilities with sprinkler systems.

SprinkGuard provides an industrial-strength sprinkler head guard that replaces the traditional wire baskets commonly seen on sprinkler heads. Unlike the conventional designs, SprinkGuard's guards attach directly to the supply line rather than the sprinkler head itself. This unique approach ensures that if the guard is ever hit, it locks out and stops at the line, preventing any contact with the sprinkler head. This design significantly reduces the risk of accidental activation and damage.

In my years of experience building warehouses and dealing with safety equipment, I have witnessed numerous accidents involving those flimsy wire baskets. They often get bent or deformed and fail to protect the sprinkler heads effectively. SprinkGuard addresses this issue head-on with a functional and durable solution. As one fire protection professional aptly put it, "Your guard is an actual function; the other guards are just a term."

SprinkGuard's slogan, "Built Different," perfectly encapsulates their approach to innovation. They aim to set a new standard in the industry, moving beyond the traditional designs that fall short in real-world scenarios. This commitment to excellence has garnered the attention of several large companies, including Target and Kroger, who have implemented SprinkGuard's products in their facilities. These companies recognize that while the initial cost may be higher, the long-term savings from preventing costly accidents make it a worthwhile investment.

SprinkGuard's versatility extends beyond in-rack sprinklers. Their guards are used in various settings, including sidewall sprinklers in hotels, gymnasiums, schools, universities, and residential buildings. Essentially, any place with a sprinkler head can benefit from SprinkGuard's innovative protection. Their open system design is gaining traction, especially for in-rack applications where the risk of accidental activation is higher.

One interesting observation from my recent hotel stay was a sidewall sprinkler with a sign that said, "Do not hang from the sprinkler head." While such signs are necessary, they can sometimes draw unwanted attention to the sprinkler heads, increasing the likelihood of tampering. SprinkGuard's design minimizes this risk by providing robust protection without inviting unnecessary interaction.

For those interested in learning more about SprinkGuard and their products, their website, SprinkGuard.com, is an excellent resource. It features comprehensive literature, installation videos, testimonials, and detailed information about their UL and FM approvals. These certifications are crucial as they ensure the products meet stringent industry standards for safety and performance.

SprinkGuard's guards have passed rigorous testing for spray patterns, fire strength, and overall durability. They are listed with reputable manufacturers like Reliable, Viking, and Tyco, ensuring compatibility with various sprinkler systems. This level of approval underscores SprinkGuard's commitment to saving property and lives through innovative solutions.

In conclusion, SprinkGuard is a prime example of American innovation in action. Their unique approach to sprinkler head protection sets them apart in the industry, providing a functional and reliable solution to a pervasive problem. I highly recommend checking out their website and considering their products for your safety needs. Thanks for tuning in, and have a safe day




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