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5S Floor Tape Products (1)

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5S Floor Tape Products


Mighty Line 5S Floor Tape products are great for marking different areas in your warehouse. Our 5S floor marking products can be used to mark different safety areas, machinery, 5S areas, and any other spaces that need to be marked. Stop painting your warehouse floors and start using Mighty Line Tape’s 5S floor marking products.

Our Line of 5S Tape Products 


At Mighty Line Tape, we know how important it is to keep your workspace operating efficiently and safely. We offer a variety of products designed to serve as an alternative to paint and will keep your workplace running smoothly. Our products can be used in hospitals, schools, oil and gas facilities, industrial applications, and much more. 

Our line of 5S tape shapes includes:

  • Angles – Ideal for marking off machinery and pallet rows, angles from Mighty Line Tape are thick, tough, and abrasion-resistant. Angles are available in a number of colors and three different widths. 
  • T’s - Floor marking T’s from Mighty Line Tape come in two sizes, a variety of colors, and are great for designating pallet rows.

  • Dots – 5S tape dots from Mighty Line Tape can be placed a few feet apart from each other on warehouse floors to mark busy aisles, exits, or loading docks.

  • Segments – Available in a variety of colors, our segments are ten inches long and come in 2", 3", 4" and 6” widths. 

  • Footprints - Floor marking footprints from Mighty Line Tape come in packs of 50, a variety of colors, and are ideal for designating aisleways in a facility. 

  • Arrows - Available in many colors, 5S floor tape arrows from Mighty Line Tape can be used to mark pedestrian walkways and aisles in your facility. 

  • Label Protectors – Clear label protectors from Mighty Line Tape come in two sizes and are made to withstand industrial warehouse traffic.

Additionally, tape shapes from Mighty Line Tape are available in 5S standard colors to facilitate clear communication and organization in your workplace.


Why Buy 5S Tape Products from Mighty Line Tape


Our products are designed to make running a warehouse or facility easy. Some of the benefits of our 5S tape include: 

  • Peel-and-stick design which makes application easy and quick
  • No residue is left behind after removal
  • 5S floor tape is 50 MIL thick
  • Toughest floor tape available
  • A range of colors and sizes available
  • A 3-year warranty on all products
  • USA-made products


Contact Us for Reliable 5S Floor Tape


5S floor tape products are a great way to increase the safety and efficiency of your workspace. Order 5S tape products from Mighty Line Today!

Mighty Line Tape offers a variety of other products that will help keep your workplace organized. Some of the other products we offer include:


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