Safety Harnesses: Facts, Stories, and Importance

Safety Harnesses: Facts, Stories, and Importance

Matt Nieszczur
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An old saying says, “Facts tell and stories sell.” I figured for today’s episode, a couple stories might deliver the importance of our topic: safety harnesses

As with a lot of safety equipment, the time you’re wearing it versus the time you need it are extremely out of proportion.  But for those times you need it, you’re always glad you were utilizing it or wishing you had. In the case of safety harnesses, because heights are usually involved, you really don’t want the “wishing you had” scenario to ever play out.

The Cherry Picker

Our first story involves working in a cherry picker. One day, I was cutting branches on the high limbs of a tree. We were doing everything as safely as possible. While cutting a branch, it spun the opposite direction of where we wanted it too, and it clipped the basket I was in. When it happened, it caused the entire cherry picker to bounce, and then violently rock back and forth.  Luckily, part of being as safe as possible included me wearing a harness. Even though I was securely fastened to the basket, I still received quite a shaking (mentally and physically). Not being secure in this situation could have led to my death, or a very serious injury.

The Safety Harness

Our second story is one that has sparked a lot of discussions whenever I’ve told it. A friend of mine was a manager for a large hardware chain. Regardless of the height, whenever we were off the ground and stocking material (or in this case checking inventory), all employees had to be wearing a safety harness. My friend had been told once before to always wear his harness while using a rolling set of steps. The second time he was caught not wearing it, he was fired. When describing this story, it always sounded to me like bad blood between two managers. I have no idea what other circumstances may or may not have been in his background. But one fact remains true in this story. He admits to being written up twice for not wearing the safety harness.

Discomforts of Safety Equipment

When it comes to Safety Equipment – it can:

  • Get hot

  • Obstruct vision

  • Be uncomfortable

  • Make it difficult to move freely

  • Make it difficult to pick up or maneuver small items

  • Be a nuisance and/or time consuming to put on

  • And many other situations

Fair or unfair. Comfortable or uncomfortable. When management is around or not around.  Safety procedures and equipment, and the rules surrounding when and how to properly wear them, are put in place to keep you, your staff, and your facility safe. Keep that in mind whenever questioning its importance, and have a safe day!

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