Back Safety: Protecting Your Most Important Asset

Back Safety: Protecting Your Most Important Asset

Matt Nieszczur
6 minute read

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I had a Chiropractor visit today, and thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to make today’s episode about back safety. When it comes to back pain, it appears I’m not alone. As a matter of fact, you have a much better chance (80%) of having a situation where back pain affects your activity than not. There are close to 10 million new back injuries per year! I titled this episode “You Only Get ONE Back”, because I don’t want you to be among the 80% that experience pain or injury to your back.  

Activities That May Cause Back Pain/Injury

There are lots of things that can contribute to pain or injury, and the following are just a few:

  • Lifting

  • Standing

  • Sitting

  • Twisting

  • Carrying

  • Reaching

  • Slipping

  • Falling

Back Pain/Injury Prevention

We just went over several situations that can contribute to back pain or injury,  but let’s continue with ways to counteract potential issues.

  • It’s not something you’ll necessarily find in a manual, but it’s true nonetheless. Regardless of how strong you think you are, or how inconvenient or unnecessary you might think getting help or using protective gear is, always keep safety in mind.  Again, you only get ONE back!

  • Always know what the weight restrictions are before attempting to lift items. Some items may be deceiving or awkward, and require an additional person or machinery to lift or move it.  Your back and your safety coordinator will thank you!

  • Use machinery (hoists, lift trucks, etc.) whenever possible.

  • Always wear safety braces, belts, and harnesses where applicable!

  • When you have to reach or twist while lifting, please avoid it altogether, or be aware that your center of gravity can dramatically change. Be certain you’re doing both in the most safe manner possible.

  • If your duties require you to stand in one spot, make sure you’re maintaining great posture and have the proper gear on you. This includes, but isn’t limited to, belts, braces, and boots.  What’s under you matters as well. This includes, but isn’t limited to, an area free of debris, slipping hazards and mats where applicable.

  • Sitting is another area you need to follow the rule of maintaining good posture and ergonomics. You may not be lifting, but extended periods of sitting can be just as taxing on your back. In addition to posture and ergonomics, be sure to stretch and stand throughout the day.

  • When carrying items, be sure to follow weight guidelines, have on the proper safety gear, employ another person to help if necessary, watch your footing and what’s around you, avoid debris and spills, and be safe and careful at all times.

  • When lifting, be sure to follow weight guidelines, get close to the item you’re lifting, lift with your knees and legs instead of your back, and keep your back straight. Don’t twist or bend while lifting.

  • Always pay attention, have on the proper safety equipment, and actively avoid creating or being involved in debris, spills, and slick areas whenever possible. Doing these things will help you avoid falling down or slipping.

  • Take part in stretching or pre-shift exercises to assure you’re ready for what’s ahead.

These steps aren’t everything you need to know, but they’re certainly a great place to start in helping you protect your back.

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