Bonus: 6S Methodology - SAFETY in Secure Workplace

Bonus: 6S Methodology - SAFETY in Secure Workplace

Matt Nieszczur
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On today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about the bonus S that makes up the 6S Methodology: SAFETY.

Do you feel like The Godfather? Just when you thought you were out, we pulled you back in! Over the last few weeks, we’ve covered all 5 S’s of the 5S Methodology. We started with the first S, which is SORT. Sorting, as it pertains to safety, is determining the things that are essential from the things that are not essential. Next, we covered the second S, which is STRAIGHTEN. Straightening, as it pertains to safety, is making everything that’s essential easily and efficiently accessible. In addition, it allows for a system of always knowing where those essential items are, who’s using them, and where they go when no longer needed.

Then, we were at the halfway mark with the third S, which is SHINE. Shining, as it pertains to safety, is cleaning at regular and efficient intervals. And while doing so, inspecting everything around you to assure everything’s running properly. 
Next, we covered the fourth S, which is STANDARDIZE. Standardization, as it pertains to safety, is the organization of the first 3 S’s. It allows you to take sorting, order, and cleaning, and create routines that ensure all three are being implemented in the safest and efficient manner possible. Lastly, we wrapped up with the fifth S, which is SUSTAIN. Sustaining, as it pertains to safety, is the practice of self-discipline by staff. Sustaining ensures the first 4 S’s of the 5S Methodology is strictly adhered to. And most important to this, is ensuring staff has a “Do Without Being Told” mentality.

The mentality of the 5S Methodology is a constant and never-ending improvement. Therefore, it’s not surprising that even the methodology itself has been improved upon. Over the last several years, an additional S has been added to the 5S Methodology to make it the 6S Methodology. That bonus S is a subject you know we love – SAFETY!

All the S’s are great, but keeping safety top of mind at all times is paramount to keeping yourself and your fellow staff safe. Remember the “Do Without Being Told” mentality of the fifth S, SUSTAIN? Safety has to be that way as well. Examples of this would be things like removing your PPE, skipping a safety procedure, removing a guard that makes a job difficult to perform, or walking through an area you’re not supposed to be in. You might think you’re getting over on management and getting away with something just because management doesn’t see you do it, but you’re only endangering yourself and your fellow staff. We have to weave safety into every aspect of the 5S Methodology in order for it to be maximized. And who knows? By following these S’s to the letter (no pun intended), you might end up developing the 7S Methodology at some point! However, we’ll discuss that one when it comes!

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